Holy Spaces

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carrying everything on one’s body or sled.
traveling lightly on the land one treads.
our ancestors hunted and farmed.
followed the herds when alarmed.

drinking water from pristine streams.
thinking of how they could leave.
no trace they existed before they came.
land was a holy space with no name.

two inches of my brain I now miss.
connected to something new maybe, I wish.
a time when man lived off the land.
a time when nothing was polluted then.

the waters pure and the air clean.
children played with bodies lean.
running through farmland and forests.
animals lurked around corners to beware.

each meal they ate there was a prayer.
no internet to write you this letter.
no blackberry to interrupt you the better.
nothing magic to keep children glued.

to stories fed to them by the tube.
a plague or famine they might have had.
no medicine to extend their lives but glad.
just living and loving under one sun.

times were hard but they must have been fun.
children made toys out of wood and rope.
used their imagination to play pretend hope.
no kids on the corner selling crack or dope.

no kids breaking in to steal an old man’s dollar.
families were large and you would hear him holler.
when a child grew up he learned a trade.
he then passed his skills to the child he made.

working with one’s hands the norm.
no buttons to click in a company uniform.
no sitting on a couch all day bored to tears.
for living a hard life was filled with fear.

reptilian brain response triggering fight or flight.
mammalian social structure that made this life.
a life I’d trade in an instant.
to be an ancestral relative so very distant.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    June 30, 2010

    firstly, it’s a beautiful poem..your craft is improving dramatically

    as far as the ideas go…it is a nice dream to look back, and partly these things are true, the earth was cleaner…

    but half of all women died in childbirth…as well as half of all children…

    rape, tribal violence, and an utter lack of knowledge about the world must have been terrifying at times.

    i love the 21st century, even with all the challenges…

    as far as living like an ancestral relative, there are communes all over the country…you guys should look into it…i lived in a quaker commune in nyc, and if my wife was willing to i would do it again..communes are the way to go, and quite possibly our way out of the current mess…there is a green community in upstate new york, i think its near ithaca…anyways, just pointing out that you could probably find that lifestyle somewhere…for my part, i’m ready for the nanobot revolution…i have faith…

  2. globatron
    June 30, 2010

    I see it as my role to explore all perspectives. This is just one.

    You are right about communes and I learned recently they are called intentional communities now. My wife and I have looked into them and found them very interesting. http://www.ic.org/ has a huge directory of them with different missions for each.

    Just this morning I was trying to explore another perspective of reincarnation into another species. Even into another galaxy.

    All options are open. All cards are on the table.

    Thank you for the kind words on the improvement of my new craft.

  3. crystl37
    July 1, 2010

    Great poem globatron, rich in imagery and archetype. I think this is one of the many paradoxes staring us all in the face. I completely get the perspective you are exploring, but I also agree with akbar.

    What I envision, is a return to simpler, authentic living, by choice, not because we don’t yet know any better-


  4. Greg
    July 1, 2010

    If you don’t like you life you can change it for what you want. Plenty of places in the world to live in a “simple” lifestyle and of the grid so to speak. Personally I will stay on the grid out here as I do not find all that bad. But then again life is about 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you deal with it. If you chose to be the glass half empty person then you will find nothing positive in the best of situations. You can chose to be appreciative of the gifts we have in this country and be aware of the fact that yeah in the days of the past Globa would not have received treatment for his medical afflictions and would have simply been leeched. Any ideas or incitation of unaccepted ideas would have found you killed as a heretic or witch. So it is all about what you chose to focus on.

    I would encourage those who want to consistantly focus on the what they don’t have to really consider what the hell it is getting them wasting energy on that. Does it get you what you want?

    Just because I want to fly without a plane and complain about it constantly, does not mean I go an jump off a building to see I really can fly.

    Anyway, I am not going to be depressed today. I CHOSE to be happy and look at the fact that I have a job, a family, a house, a running vehicle, my relatively good health, and all the other positives in my life.

  5. globatron
    July 1, 2010

    Funny you misread this. This was a positive poem for me. Poetry is actually not about reading whatever you want into it. I mean you can if you want but really the intentions of the writer should be respected if you want to get the most out of it.
    In this poem I am stating I am no longer fearful of the apocalyptic nightmare that the media and even myself have been painting for us.

    I am deciding (maybe in another life) that in the future I hope to live in a country more empathetic to others. Your last comments have proved that you seem to lack empathy for others (gays and now even mention my medical condition) for some reason. I’m not sure where that comes from. Have you asked yourself that question? Why can’t you feel empathy for others? I myself find this countries lack of empathy for the developing countries we leech from to be appalling. You on the other hand have recently stated that the desegregation is the reason that our countries educational system has taken a turn for the worst. I will not entertain or even begin to compare desegregation to NAMBLA wanting equal rights. Your logic is extremely bigoted.

    You read this as half empty and I read it as completely full. And I forgot, I wrote it so my interpretation happens to be the correct one. Funny how that works.

  6. globatron
    July 1, 2010

    The Native Americans sure needed some American empathy back in the day. They could need it now as well.

    But screw them right. Along with the gays and anyone else that doesn’t fit the status quo.

  7. Greg
    July 1, 2010

    Native Americans who now enjoy the exemption from tax burdens and have used that opportunity to create a multi-billion dollar empire that the revenues go to improve their peoples lives. Yeah I believe we have shown them empathy.

    You paint me all wrong Globa, I am not without compassion but compassion has to have limits. You label me into this neat little box with your stereotype and negative image because I do not subscribe to the same interpretation as you. Just because I don’t share your view does not make me any less compassionate or caring of human being.

    The point you missed was instead of hoping for the best in the NEXT life how about appreciating this one? You seem to keep focusing on your next existance and hoping it is better than this one, at least that is what I am seeing or reading, am I wrong?

    Is this life so bad? Really? My life with all its challenges, it pretty awesome for the most part. And I am grateful for that blessing.
    I don’t expend energy into worrying about developing countries or how bad the US is for using resources and how mean the US is. What is the point or objective of expending energy to this? To me there is nothing that can be done or accomplished by focusing on this so it is a waste of energy. Energy I chose to expend on things I can impact or effect with my existance.

    The points I made before were to answer your questions and accusations aabout gays and minorities. The points I made are valid, when the minority is given more consideration than the majority then we have problems that occur that I already stated.

    I am not sure why you are so angry I me or what you directing your anger at me for.

  8. globatron
    July 1, 2010

    I have no anger. There are bigots everywhere. That is just part of this existenc. Just take your first paragraph above and reexamine it.

    You don’t take into account the 90% unemployment rate on some reservations and I bet you could easily equate that to inhabitants being too lazy to find a job.

    Here are some stats for you:

    I enjoy your input Greg. But as you say many times it doesn’t mean I have to agree with you. I actually see people like you as the problem and the reason why I am looking forward to the next life.

  9. Akbar Lightning
    July 1, 2010

    i do think that some of this apocalyptic future utopian thinking is a way of avoiding confronting the negativity in our daily lives, and like greg, i kind of agree that, even though there are problems, there are lots of opportunities right now to get involved in solutions…that being said, i think globatron is an expression of a solution…

    but sometimes it is important to get out into ‘flesh-space’ and volunteer for the poor or the elderly…doing something for others even when we are struggling.

    the community mindedness can occur today…we don’t have to wait for things to fall apart..i think this perspective is a bit problematic.

    all that being said, i think greg and globatron are taking two extreme positions, when in fact a compromised middle is unifying and is often the best solution…we ought to be grateful, but we cannot be proud…we ought to be optimistic, but not without compassion…

  10. globatron
    July 1, 2010

    it definitely is a way of avoiding the negativity in my life. our lives. i sleep on an air mattress in my grandmothers living room.
    i have so many issues to not list.
    the very act of writing a thought and putting a word together with another word is for me a way of getting into the ‘flesh-space’.

    I love sleeping on the air mattress by the way and wish all our furniture in storage would burn to the ground. my position is not extreme. it is looking at life as one step in an eternal evolution.

    i am optimistic to be the generation to see this possibly all explode or work out for our species. it’s on our watch and i find that amazing and something to be thankful for. i am no longer scared of it. i embrace the infinite possibilities. i thank God for letting me be here every day. I think that a person in my situation has to be more thankful than most. When you nearly lose everything life becomes exciting and full of possibilities. Our entire species is nearing that moment and I find that wonderful.

    i am glad people like Greg are healthy and have a house, etc. I’m glad they think all it takes to succeed is good old fashion hard work. I don’t but I am glad to be here and trying my hardest to speak the truth as I see it for as long as i can. With empathy for others. Without bigotry for those who don’t have it as good as me.

  11. globatron
    July 1, 2010

    Thanks Angie. Your link reminded me of the Earth Ship project. I wrote about it earlier.

    It’s great to see projects like this being developed all over now. I hope it’s not too late but I’m fine either way now.

  12. Greg
    July 1, 2010

    Globa I really don’t appreciate being labeled a bigot by anyone. You asked an honest opinion, I gave it. If you wanted the politically correct answer you could say so. I am no different than ANYONE in this country including you. You tell me that you are universally accepting and open regardless of the situation? I am sorry, if I am walking down Jacksonville at night and I see a man wearing baggy, low hanging clothes, dreds, and a bulge in the jeans I am crossing the street. It is not racism, it is simply what it is. You perceive a threat based on preconcieved notions and ideas from what your experience has shown you. We all have our biases, racism, and other preferences. Everyone, because I am honest you label me and call me unflattering names. It is not cool man. Nor is it fair.

    You might not believe it only takes hard work to succeed, I will concede that it sometimes does not work out and things happen. But I sure as fuck know that if someone is sitting on their ass not doing anything should not succeed. Period. I don’t know if you just are resentful because I am happy to be in the position I am in or what it is, I am not the problem in this country. The fucking assholes who sit on their butts collecting fucking checks from the government while able to work and chose NOT to is the problem. I work my ass off for what I have and I should be ashamed of it? No way. I have given blood, sweat and tears for this country and I have earned the right to be proud of what I accomplished.

    And not to go into too many details but most people when I was 6 years old said I would never ever even hold a job or even be alive at the age of 20. Long story, but I fought and I won. I still fight today everyday with my demons. I am by no means perfect and I have my faults.

    You can look at the bullshit in America that is wrong. Fine, I understand, maybe like the Hurricane you find solace and peace in detachment and non-possessionism. Ok I respect that, if it works for you great.

    There is not an apocolypse coming, at least not anytime within our lifetimes. Unless we get hit with a meteor or some other out of control catastrophe people will continue to exist, work, and live. As the commercial says, weddings will happen, babies will be born, people will retire. Life goes on.

    I just don’t get what the hell you want out of me Globa? You want me to tell you I agree with your opinion of “The only peace you will find is in the afterlife or next existance…”

    Really? Have you given up on this one already? Is it that the message I am getting or is there NOTHING positive about it? You have a grandmother you are sleeping on the floor in her house. My grandmother is dead and spent the majority of her life bitter, angry and just plain mean. She often called my mother a whore to me and spoke nothing but nasty things to us, not about us, but gossiping and mean. She died without me being able to tell her that I love her. The point of this is that you have a choice on what to focus on and see, you are what you manifest. You have 2 daughters that from what I know of you, you love with all your heart. Well that would be enough for me to be positive about the future, what change they will bring to their world.

    I don’t know what to say Globa, it always seems you and I are butting heads and I really can’t stand that. I genuinely like you and your site, and your poetry is good. I might not agree with all the imagary or your message on thing but I do read and give it thought.

    I am just a guy attempting to get along in this world, I give back where I can like most of us. My wife works as a nurse in the eldery care industry and does more for old people because it is her calling, She could earn more but she desires to do this becuase she loves helping old people.

    I will admit I have had quite a few uncomfortable experiences with gay people that probably taint my view. Hey I am human, sue me. On the other hand I deal with it everyday because 2 of my close relatives are gay. So while you might think I am a homophobic type, I assure I am not. Any way have a good fourth, hope you get to see some fireworks, spend time with family and find something to be amazed about.

  13. globatron
    July 1, 2010

    Greg, my wife’s grandmother is dying of lung and bone cancer and is on oxygen and chemo weekly. We moved down here to watch her slowly die. Hope that makes you feel better. You tell me to be thankful and I am. For christ’s sake man who in my situation can not be thankful and still alive.

    Your comments on this thread alone prove you are a bigot.
    This is you by definition: big·ot (b?g’?t)
    n. One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

    I’m sorry you don’t think you are but it’s the truth mate. At least come clean. If not in this life then maybe the next. And no I am not like you.

    That line about Native Americans making a ton off of tax exemptions alone make me no longer respect your opinion. I had thought you had come a long way Greg. I was becoming interested and had begun to respect your opinion but after some of the stuff you said on this thread that is over.

    So I don’t respect your opinion and I think you’re a bigot. So what. You think I’m a communist liberal who wants to give “human rights” to everyone who doesn’t work for a living or deserve the rights you and I have. Awesome. We’re at each other’s throats again just like the government you are so proud of has programmed us to do. Keep us fighting. Keep us from realizing we are all human and that love is the only way.

    Isn’t that what Jesus said? I forget. I’m a neo-pagan, hindu so it’s a bit foggy.

  14. Greg
    July 2, 2010

    Oh I see so because we disagree philsophically on politics and other things it is the governments fault? Sorry I subscribe to personal responsibility, I create my own opinions and most of the ones about the government aren’t flattering.
    I never said you were a communist, I do however belive everyone should work if possible and earn their own way. There is nothing shameful about that and I am not going to apologize for it.

    I am truly sorry to hear your grandmother is suffering, that is very unfortunate and the one thing I am grateful for is my grandmother did not suffer long.

    My statement on the American Indians was my POV, I personally have been to reservations, Onieda Indians in NY, they have the largest casino in the area for almost hundred miles and employ much of the populace there with good paying jobs. Is the situation and what we did to the Native American right? No. Not by a long shot. Like slavery though that was 200 years ago and has little or no bearing on what is going on today.

    I am pandering to get your respect on my opinion Globa, I make no apologies about my opinions, I never will. I am open enough to listen and consider other points of view.

    You want to label me a bigot, fine, you are lying to yourself if you say that you have no discriminations in you at all. We are all human and even if we don’t act some of the thoughts everyone thinks them.

    The one thing I will disagree with is your assertion of intolerance. I know what I like and chose to associate with it, why would I subject myself to an environment or people who would not like me nor I them? You act like I am some sort monster for this.

    If you are so open Globa, come drive through North Jacksonville at 11PM with your windows down and see how bigoted you get. I am a realist. I don’t make decisions on people until I have met them and talked to them. Believe me if you knew my friend you would never consider me a bigot, I have a very diverse group of people I associate with and I am fairly tolerant of other walks of life.

    You want me to come clean and profess to being something that suits your perception of me. Sorry I can’t and won’t oblige that. I am what I am and will not lie about it.

    Oh and FYI everyone is entitled to human rights. What they are not entitled to is to exist at the expense and efforts of others when they are able bodied and capable of doing for themselves. I never once said anything about human beings not having rights. I just expect everyone that can, make the effort. As we have come along in this country too many have began to take for granted the compassion we show and now live on a system that supports dependance and slavery. It is a form of slavery being dependant on the government, once you are on it, getting off is almost impossible.

  15. globatron
    July 2, 2010

    This ideology of personal responsibility has gone too far. There is a system of social class that has existed in America forever. And your idea that anyone can be a millionaire with hard work is way too dramatized in the U.S. as well. The chances of making it out of your income level from one generation to the other is damn near impossible. My wife has a background in sociology and many times she has stated the stats on it but it’s truly tragic how many of us have bought the illusion of upward mobility in America as if it’s our right. That if we don’t make it out of one income level we are losers, etc. Most don’t. A very very very small percentage do.

    Have you ever been on disability? Have you ever been on welfare? I have recently been on welfare when I was unemployed and it was not impossible to get off of. It helped us buy groceries when we had little to no income for four months. Disability is a job to apply for. A full-time job to keep. They do everything they can to drop you anytime they can. You have to continue to prove you are disabled and it is truly demeaning and takes months and months of paperwork and red-tape. Anyone who is on disability deserves it just to have gone through the process. I speak from experience. I know the point you are making but I don’t think folks who think like you know how hard it is to be on or how little money you get while on it. It is a truly poor existence. Poverty. True poverty.

    Welfare is easy to get and easy to get off of. You prove your income level and apply. It’s so little money though that it’s sort or ridiculous to even get on it. It’s enough just to buy some bread and milk really. When you no longer need it you no longer put in for it. It’s just like unemployment benefits. This idea that people are sitting around doing nothing and getting this great standard of living is quite ridiculous I feel.

    I’ve lived in several all black neighborhoods Greg in Jacksonville. I’ve lived in Brooklyn where whites are the minority for sure. People are people. Most of what you perceive is exactly that, your perception. That kid you mentioned with the baggy shorts and dreadlocks might as well be a college graduate who is coming home from work. In an all black neighborhood there are just people. That’s it. People of all types. They just have a different skin color. Sorry mate but that’s true. I know the racial tension in Jacksonville and I’m sorry you feel it so intensely.

    I’ve been to an all black church in the Northside. I love it. I love singing the gospel. I love how welcome they made me feel. I am not perfect by any means. I’m glad you are not a bigot. I’m sorry to classify you if you are not. The definition as stated would make us all bigots to some degree.

    But this conversation we are having is a mirror image of the democratic and republican agenda. I mentioned that because it seems so obvious that it’s laughable. This country has us at our throats. We can be at once friends then at once back into the schoolyard fighting over human rights or welfare. Me defending all minorities and you defending the “working man” feeling that minorities are milking the system. So that is the government you feel is so great. That is the point I’m making. There is nothing exceptional about a country that has only two views. Two sides to defend. Two ideologies to prescribe to. It is sickening and it is broken.

  16. Greg
    July 2, 2010

    Let me clear that in my previous posts, I clearly stated I was not happy with the government. At all, either party, no administration, none of it. I believe the government has lost it’s ability to be of the people.

    As far as the social class, someone once said that you can find numbers to prove any point of view. Well for as many examples you can find of people who are not able to move economically up the ladder I can show you an example of someone coming from abject poverty to wealth. It does happen and I am not saying everyone is going to be a multimillionaire rich person. But they can achieve a very comfortable style of living and decent income. You think that is just impossible and we have no control over our station or destiny anymore? Is the government and “corporate America” that in control that they will keep you in your place? I am sorry but that is REALLY far fetched.

    I know personally some people that I have witnessed abusing the system, unfortunately I have seen more people abusing it than not. There are hundreds of stories on the net about how people that live on public assistance, in public assisted housing and yet driving 45,000 vehicles. Abuse is rampant in the system so while it might be working for honest people like you there is TONS of abuse, fraud, and waste in the system. Equally the people that use offspring to increase their draw on the system frustrates me, people having kids while unable to support the ones they have. Sorry that is wrong. Kids are not a right, they are responsibility and to quote the saying, If you can’t feed em don’t breed em.

    I am glad you have had good experiences in your diversity and environments. I live in a neighboorhood where my neighboor across the street was robbed in broad daylight while only his son was home. His 17 year old son was in his bedroom sleeping, 3 black men broke in and robbed the place. The reason we know they were black? Because they tried to come in the son’s room and it was locked, he woke up and walked in on them removing the 42 inch plasma from the master bedroom. One of them brandished a pistol at the young man, told him they were borrowing the tv and they ran. So yeah that is the environment I have been in. I have lived in East St. Louis where the police block the exits to the area after dark because the neighborhood is so dangerous. Reason, example, 2 college age girls pulled off at 9 pm because of needing gas, they were pulled from their vehicle, brutally gang raped and found dead the next morning.

    I know not ALL of minority neighboorhoods are like this, but for once try looking at statistical data which does not lie. In Jacksonville alone the minorities make up 10% of the population yet are responsible for 86% of the all the violent crime. Coinsidence? As I said before, I use logic when I can, that is too obvious of a fact to ignore.

    I am not racist, I am discriminatory against scum, thugs, and criminals. Label me what you will, I value my safety and here in Jax at least. IT IS NOT SAFE in some areas. I am not asking you to believe me, agree with me, or support me in this Globa, all I am asking is for you to understand the position I am coming from.

    You act like any white person can walk into any black neighboorhood and sing kum ba yah with the people. Maybe you have had that experience, I have not. One of my good friends is black and I have no issues with race. When I see someone who presents himself looking like a criminal I will err on the side of caution.

    I agree with you that we should completely abolish the two party system in this country. People should be forced to stand on their positions on issues and their character. Yes character matters because if you are not trustworthy then you should not be able to make decisions for the rest of us.

    Anywho I have to get back at the grind, peace to you Globa, hope your grandmother does not suffer much or long as that is a fate I would wish on no person. My prayers go with you.

  17. Globatron.org
    October 5, 2010

    Holy Spaces: carrying everything on one’s body or sled.
    traveling lightly on the land one treads. http://bit.ly/b1YFcQ

  18. Globatron.org
    December 11, 2010

    Holy Spaces: We are all reacting with our reptilian brains. No more killing. http://www.globatron.org/?p=7744 #assange #wikileaks

  19. Brother Tim
    December 12, 2010

    RT @Globatron: Holy Spaces: We are all reacting with our reptilian brains. No more killing. http://www.globatron.org/?p=7744 #assange …

  20. Globatron.org
    December 12, 2010

    No more reacting with our reptilian brains. No more killing. http://www.globatron.org/?p=7744 #assange #wikileaks

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