Going Broke

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The divisive woman from last years GOP convention
Passed through my city yesterday with little a mention.
Not one coworker came to me to speak
About how much this woman meant to them this week.

How they couldn’t wait to get off work to buy her book.
How much it meant that she was in our city to look
At the sea of conservative white faces waiting to get her take
On BIG government, family values and the morality we fake.

Not a mention in my mostly right-wing company
About this woman and her legacy and the future of our country.
Not a mention was made at the morning staff meeting.
No one bragging to sneak out during lunch for a book signing.

As I turned on the TV after the day was done
I realized that the news had focused on this as if it’s a phenomenon.
They are focusing on this woman as if she is a saint.
As if even the ones who hate her love hating her for Pete’s sake.

Every channel was a buzz as I continued to surf
Through the channels of nonsense and media coverage turf.
The conservatives see her as their new Messiah it would seem as they chat.
How her quitting the governorship and selling a book  is their big come back.

The liberals sarcastically cover her book as if it should be read
To point out the lack of substance they see in her head.
Both sides continue to rally their troops in the meantime
For this woman who is happy to cash in on this media crime.

As we fight two wars, employment and global warming continues
The media would rather us focus on this woman and her venues.
On what cities she chooses to stop through and make alliances.
On what cities she chooses to ignore and stoke hatred and violence.

No one is talking about this but the media with their chatter
That would make us think that this divisive woman truly matters.
No one that I know conservative or liberal seems to care where she is.
Because we all have real lives and real issues that we all have to live.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    November 24, 2009

    Wowzerpants batman, best yet once again. your rhyming pattern is getting really good. f@$k that b%$@h, if she is not proof of the ignorance of the majority then nothing is.

    akbar out

  2. globatron
    November 24, 2009

    I enjoyed not mentioning her name throughout the poem. Glad you got something out of it and once again thanks for the kind input. I’m amazed by our media and how they make a circus out of everything. another example: balloon boy?

    I agree that she is definitely proof of your theory of the ignorance of the majority.

  3. Buddy
    November 24, 2009

    Oh brother.

    We get it, G and A. You don’t like…that woman. Y’all have mentioned it tirelessly. Regardless, there are a lot of people who do. It’s not very nice to attack people just because they like someone and you don’t.

    It’s just very…typical. I just thought both of you as well as L to be very atypical. Try something different for a change.

    Oh well, maybe ya’ll will learn.

    I’m too tired to debate right now. Y’all are entitled to your opinion. Believe me, I wouldn’t want to block your ‘freedom of speech.’

  4. globatron
    November 24, 2009

    Buddy, can you write a poem telling me why you do like that woman or why others do? If you could be so kind to to enlighten me on why I should like here I would be willing to listen to your viewpoint and would be honored to post your poem on Globatron in response to my own.

    I don’t think there was anything typical about the poem as it written from a personal perspective. That would mean there are many others having the same experience that I am having in the poem and if that is the case maybe not as many people like her as you think they do; conservative or liberal. Maybe the media has made you believe she has this huge fan club that she really doesn’t have in order to divide and conquer and make millions of dollars off of us at the same time.

    She is the most divisive political figure I’ve seen in my lifetime. To me that is not a good thing. It’s amazing that the GOP would seem to think that is a virtue.

    I was inspired to write this after reading this article which I thought had some great points:


  5. Akbar Lightning
    November 24, 2009

    thank you buddy for once again pointing out that we have an opinion and other people have an opinion, that’s fascinating…

    i’m sure that would be confusing to the woman we are talking about..and just to be clear we are not talking about an american idol contestant, we are talking about somebody who thought she would be able to be second in command of our nation, even though she is obviously barely literate.

    the criticism of her is a criticism of all those who ‘like her’, because liking her is not an opinion, it is a dysfunction.


  6. Conservative Realist
    November 25, 2009

    It is easy to see why the conservatives find hope with Sarah P. They see our country’s debt mounting by the second. She understands, as demonstrated by her management of her state and her community, that any entity with income and expenses must be balanced; it’s called positive cash flow. You cannot spend more than you take in. All successful businesses know that. Our country is a business; it has income and expenses but it also has so much corruption, greed and incompetence in charge, that it is on the road to bankrupcy. If you libs would take the time to read her book (if you can read and not just prefer to watch Jerry Springer)you would see the difference she made in her own state, a state that was also warped by corruption. Politicians today are so into power and show that they don’t understand that our country is on the verge of collapse, just like any business that spends and spends until it can no longer operate. Just like those people who constantly borrowed against the equity in their real estate to pay off their credit cards. When the equity was all used up and property values began to drop they were bankrupt. They didn’t understand the concept of cash coming in must be equal to or greater than cash going out. When they could no longer borrow they decided to call it quits and “give the house back to the bank” with all its additional debt and know the government will bail them out. With what? More debt? This is where our country is going unless someone with Palin’s backbone gets in there to get rid of all the dead wood. She may not run for President, but she will certainly make a difference. What she is doing by telling her story will open people’s eyes to her strengths vs the weaknesses in our government. The clown in the White House WILL go down, unfortunately, he will most likely bring the country down with him. He has absolutely no knowledge of running a business, therefore he has brought others in who also do not. God help our once great country if things don’t change soon. I feel a revolution coming and it won’t be pretty.

  7. globatron
    November 25, 2009

    Conservative Realist? Can we read? Funny. It’s what we choose to read that makes the difference. Read our curriculum on Globatron University and maybe you can come back to this conversation with a larger world view: http://www.globatron.org/university

    Funny how spending is your biggest issue with the “Clown” in the White House. Did the spending for our wars for the past eight years without any plan on how to pay for it or end them bother you as much? Where were you when the unbridled restraint of the free market ran this country into the ground by uncontrolled spending and corruption?

    The stimulus package has brought our country out of the worst recession we have ever seen. It was planned and implemented by many of the world’s largest countries to correct a GLOBAL recession. It wasn’t just the U.S. going Rogue.

    Have you seen the stock market lately? An economy at the brink of total destruction does not self correct itself in a matter of months so I’m sure you will say where are the jobs. The jobs are coming but at least we don’t have soup lines on every corner.

    A revolution is coming alright. I love how you use that as your ending line as a fear tactic. Change has always been fought for the wrong reasons. The revolution you are speaking of as I define it is a conscious, caring, empathetic country that cares for its own with health care and has empathy for the rest of the world and understands the repercussions of its foreign policy. World peace even? Who’s for that? What a revolution that would be.

    You throw your support behind a woman who quits her only real accomplishment as Governor of Alaska to write a tell all book to make millions of dollars from fearful paranoid people. When you tear back the good old small town, folksy talking disguise that she wears with such pride there is no content there. There is no there, there. Lower taxes, blah, blah, blah, smaller government, blah, blah, blah. No substance. All GOP talking points. Nothing new.

    The American people will not be scared to correct the backward ways of the Bush tyranny by empty threats. Change has always come to this country. The ones who fight it have always lost. If you want to be part of this revolution you speak of feel free to join in. I’d rather have the revolution I defined. There is always a jail cell waiting for anyone who decides to do anything illegal that will be paid for by good hard working tax payers, liberal and conservative alike.

  8. Akbar Lightning
    November 25, 2009

    amen g-tron, well said…

    the threat of violence is the moral revolution that right-wingers use to inspire us with their wisdom.

    sarah palin is a dumb person, i have no problem with low intelligence, like our friend the conservative, but i do have a problem with such people believing they can drive very complicated machinery without any knowledge of its parts.

    palin was elected to govern a state and she quit, that’s a great example of leadership. in my opinion conservative, she is a shining example of one of our country’s two biggest problems. one, ignorance in an information age and two, corruption of the left, which i agree with you is a very real problem.

    as far as businesses go, if a drug dealer spent more money fighting with other gangs than he did in selling product, you would say that is not a very smart drug dealer…the analogy is not far off the mark here.


  9. Conservative Realist
    November 25, 2009

    Oh, my, Globatron! It is so sad that you are so angry and misinformed. Yes, I agree that the wars should have been planned as for exist strategy and funding; Mr. Bush was a very liberal Republican. Between him and the clown things continue to worsen. Now it is the Clown’s turn to follow up on his campaign promises. It has been more than 3 months since his appointed General demanded approval for more troops. Just like the “present” voting during his oh so very short stint in the Senate, he continues to be unable to make a satisfactory and timely decision. What happened to transparency as promised? What happened to the promise to not raise taxes? What happened to the promise to reach across the line? There are so many Independents who voted for him (me included) that would like to kick their own ass. The stimulus package was a bunch of earmarks to pay back “the boys” for their campaign contributions. Yes, he also promised no earmarks! It is shameful what is happening with those stimulus funds, all to the tune of an increasing deficit. The unemployment rate is over 11% after his promise that if this porky bill passed, it would not rise beyond 8%. The stock market will show the effects of the shrinking dollar in time; hopefully we can regain some of our losses before the big sell-off. I do not put my support behind “a woman”. I put my support behind facts and common sense of running a lucrative business. You are probably one of the bankrupt repo men who intends to live off the government dollars that are continuing to be printed. I agree that change must happen to save our great country, but that change will not come with this administration spending more widly than any in the past. How many assistants does Mrs. Obama have? 26? All earning a minimum of $75,000 per year. Guess it takes that many to keep that angry frown off her face and convince people that she doesn’t really hate this country. It’s a time when WE ALL need to cut back, and that doesn’t mean just the good hard-working American citizens. It also means those who purport to run this country (into the ground). I wonder how many government officials would support the Public Option if they had to use it. Wake up and smell your own bull sh**.

  10. Akbar Lightning
    November 25, 2009

    dear conservative,

    i guess you’ve never had to deal with an insurance company which in my experience is far worse and bureaucratic than any time i’ve dealt with government, be it the i.r.s. the post office, the police, the fire dept. they all run really well, have you ever tried to understand the cost of medicine, or why i have to wait 2 months to get an appt. government agencies are jobs, they are good jobs with well regulated rules for pay and advancement. the free market is a place where corruption can and does run rampant. the corruption in washington, that i totally agree with you about, is coming in from the market.

    we have agreements, we can agree that obama has made some dubious decisions about the country’s funds, we can agree on that, but the right-wingers are promoters of more deregulation of markets which allows insurance companies to overcharge for services. let’s talk about their pay, can we agree that CEOs are overpaid, i’m sure they make a hell of lot more than 75,000 a year, and i’m sure they have plenty of assistants. whether it comes from the government or a corporation, it’s all taxes dude. stop fighting with the people in the same sinking titanic and let’s craft a way of stopping the corruption. Palin and her ilk are not the solution, she’s one of them, not too different from ‘the clown’. she even wears bright red lipstick, so you are fighting with the people in the same sitch at you.

    people need to stop buying into the team mentality.


  11. globatron
    November 25, 2009

    Conservative Realist…. I read the Fox News comment threads just to get a laugh every now and again, and it would seem you have just copied and pasted all of their fear mongering talking points. Amazingly original thoughts you have. Bravo!

    And this poem was not about Obama if you forgot to read it. It was about the woman who came through my city yesterday for a book signing and my personal perspective on it. My poem was not journalism but might as well be considered so these days.

    And to this remark:
    “You are probably one of the bankrupt repo men who intends to live off the government dollars that are continuing to be printed.”

    I’m actually a a gay Hispanic illegal immigrant atheist who is sitting right next to you in the next cubicle. Good guess though. Do you want to go out to lunch and talk this over further. I’d be happy to explain my perspective without calling anyone a clown or presuming to know them.

  12. steve
    November 25, 2009

    I think Ol Buddy is a Good Ol Boy. As somebody else said, it is impossible to underestimate the stupidity of the American electorate. No matter which way it goes, which is totally unpredictable.

  13. Logocentric
    November 25, 2009

    Conservative Realist,

    what is great about this country? please explain. what do you mean when you say “country”? and what could you possibly mean when you suggest that michelle obama “hate[s] this country”? what do you mean? are you talking about the government? are you talking the people? which people? white people? black people? poor people? are you talking about the physical land of north america? are you talking about american history? what is the idea that comes into your mind when you say “country”? i’m not being sarcastic, and i mean no disrespect. but i’m confused when i hear people talk about ‘my country’ or ‘this great country.’ in your response, i respectfully ask that you not refer me to ‘common sense,’ because my argument will be to ask ‘what, in the common sense, is this country?’



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