Get Used To It

Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word

i promise

we are
used to elections getting stolen
used to being lied to
used to wars for nothing

used to not getting picked for the team
used to not being popular
used to being bullied
used to studying long hours

used to learning
used to adapting
used to knowing
that even if we lost, our logic was sound

climate change abounds
the world is five billions years old
humans evolved from monkeys
homosexuality is natural

just watch two male dogs do their dance
all night they revolve around
humping each other in a trance
hormones unleashed in a quick glance

as the bonfire glows
all humans standing
all ages and sizes
all wanting the same

to be loved
to know they count
to one day be heard
even if they have to lose

i promise

losing becomes second hand
lies always stand
about welfare queens
about not needing equality

about the bogeyman
point a finger at him
find a target and scream
about not ever wanting change

the earth revolves around the sun
carbon dating is science, not fun
the word theory means something more
than coming up with bullshit

i promise



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