Freedom from Want

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A country so rich it sells its way.
Into foreign countries with dismay.
Who buy into our American dream.
Buy into the debt we stream.

I have freedom from want.
I go to the store and buy too much.
I go to the mall and take in the cold air.
Air condition everywhere.

I have freedom from hunger.
Too much to barbecue this summer.
Food to throw away when done.
So quickly these times can be gone.

Jobs are hard to get today.
My friends all know as they have paid.
For the recession we now detail.
For the companies too big to fail.

We buckle down and if lucky find a job.
Maybe get health care to pay for our sick.
So much to pay for, so much we need.
One change in the market makes us bleed.

I have freedom from want.
My country is at the head of this front.
At the head of the lies that are fed.
Trickle down economics, truly dead.



  1. Greg
    July 5, 2010

    Globa you should write one about freedom from tyranny and oppression. That is another freedom we enjoy. I can only find it amusing that if you were this outgoing in vocal in other countries (China, Middle East, Cuba to name a few) the government would most likely have you imprisoned or executed. So you do have some good freedoms like speech where at least you are able to freely and without fear express your opinions and poetry without the fear of reprisal or action by the government.

    When focusing solely on what it is we lack we often forget to be grateful of the gifts we are already blessed with.

  2. globatron
    July 5, 2010

    I’m glad you find it amusing Greg. one can also forget what we are missing and the pain our culture has inflicted on other countries by continuing to focus on something that is a universal right such as freedom of speech.

    One can have empathy and compassion for the past and the future. One can learn by our mistakes and attempt to make the future better. The 4th of July seems the perfect time for our country and citizens to have that type of conversation and reflection.

    It is great I don’t live in one of the few countries that doesn’t allow basic human rights. I would argue that freedom of tyranny and oppression we don’t have in America. American government and politics has a mob rule mentality currently and you have defended the voices of the mob on this site continually.

    Yes, I know these are just links to the wikipedia but if you read them you might understand a bit further the history of these terms we so loosely throw around. I know I did. The disguise of blind flag waving patriotism is the uniform of tyranny and oppression, one many seem to wear daily. I am hear to make my country better. Not to keep it in the stone ages and defend it by saying we are exceptional and we don’t do things the ways others do it just because.

    I also believe it’s great I wasn’t born as an ant. Although sometimes being an ant seems like a more peaceful existence. Maybe not though. They do have endless combat with enemy ant colonies.

  3. Greg
    July 6, 2010

    There is always perspective Globa, someone always has it worse than you do, somewhere. Not you in particular but in the general saying. The rhetoric about other countries suffering and being subjected to our mean and unkind aftereffects is really kinda of just reaching. You believe we what? Take over other countries and force them to be us? I mean I don’t really get what you see we are doing to other countries that you feel is so wrong? Should we just lay down every bit of individualism and uniqueness that makes our country different and become like every other 3rd world nation out there? Sure, we can become like Brazil where the economy changes daily and inflation can vary as much 200% in a week based on the government in power. Or perhaps like Iran where the women have no rights and are mandated to wear clothing head to toe regardless of the triple digit tempatures.

    We are not in the stone ages, you might believe that because we don’t pass universal medical coverage and have an openly accepting policy for homosexuals in the military. In most other facets we are light years ahead of other countries. You say it is mob rule, it is call Democracy and it is not mob rule, it is called majority rule. The foundation upon which our theocracy was based. The will of the majority of the people decides the direction in which we travel. You can probably tell me the corporations are the ones controlling the populace and to an extent I would agree with you. But if there is a choice between our way of life and the strife that comes with being from one of the other oppressed, subjugated, or dominated existances where your free will is removed as an option. I chose this country.

    I find your poem to be insightful but you always are looking at the glass half empty, I have mentioned this before. None of your work ever seems to have an appreciatation for what you have. Where you are, what blessing you are already possessing. You speak about freedom from want? The first step in being free from want is being content with what you have.

    When you say you are here to make you country better, for who? For you? Who says what you bring, believe or want is better? Just because I believe I have way that I believe is better does not mean it would be better for the rest of the people. So I guess the thing I don’t understand is that what makes you believe your way is better than the current way the country is doing it? This is not defensive, I am truly curious to hear your justifications and rational for why your way is better? And what specifically would you change and why? Hopefully you will see this as the avenue for a dialogue and not as a challenge.

    Yeah I will label myself as one of the people that is pretty happy with our country, there is room from improvement but that is the way of life. I would not however change this country to suit the needs of other countries. In this I would also consider that we contribute more financial resources to the rest of the world that all other countries combined. That mean while we might take we also contribute in charity back to the rest of the world. That also should be acknowledged.

  4. globatron
    July 6, 2010

    Reaching. I’m not sure that’s correct but if you feel so I’m happy for you. The process in which natural resources are tapped and mined from other countries through the use of loans with high interest rates that enslave the population are indeed a reality. But you would most likely argue against this with your go to “personal responsibility” argument which seems to be your continual defense of anything that paints a picture that is not a good hue of your beloved America.

    I don’t love America. I know, that’s shocking. What heresy. I’m a citizen and the reason I want to make it better is so that I can love it and be proud of it.

    Making it better for me means doing things right. Not being slaves to huge corporations. Not having our politicians bought and paid for. Not allowing corporations to run rampant and milk the natural resources from our planet by buying our government officials, ex. The Gulf Oil Spill.

    I believe in human rights for all, not just the majority. The government is there to help the minority as well Greg. Other countries have come to realize this. Even the evil empire of the Britain allows more civil rights to its citizens than does America. There is nothing exceptional about America. We are a fat greedy people. We have infected the planet with that greed you often times defend.

    As far as being depressing, I’m an artist. What thought provoking art is not depressing. If it’s not depressing it’s most likely craft. Still art but it’s not what i’m after. I do write a doozy of a spiritual piece occasionally about infinity and beyond.

    Thanks for asking. I appreciate it. At least we are talking. That’s a start. To me that’s what this is all about. There has to be a middle ground somewhere doesn’t there?

  5. Akbar Lightning
    July 6, 2010

    when we look at others who have it worse than us greg, this is not meant to be a practice we use to assure ourselves of how great our life is…i actually believe, because we are bound to one another as human beings, that it is a call to help make the world better…

    and some people use the freedom of speech to be social critics, not because they are hopeless but because they feel hope lies in addressing problems, rather than pretending they don’t exist…

    and you are either avoiding admitting U.S. complicity in foreign regimes, or have not studied the history, whereby we have consistently manipulated the governance of foreign peoples to benefit our own financial concerns. the tyranny of the U.S. is constantly being exported…

    i love no country, i love humanity…am i happy that my government has not yet sought to imprison me because of my beliefs, yes…but do i think they would hesitate if i had any real power behind these beliefs…no…

  6. Greg
    July 6, 2010

    I can agree with you on some points, the government/corporate relationship is definiately something I am in complete agreement with. Our government officials are far into the business side and involved in conflict of interest for my taste. I would agree we need to address this but I am unsure as to how. There was an old saying about the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules.

    Doing things right is often a perspective issue. What is right to one person is not right to another. It strictly depends on your cultural, environmental, and experiences upbringing to define what you believe is right.

    Case in point, in the Middle East they still execute women for infidelity without apology. The removal of hands for thievery is also an accepted practice. While we consider this appalling behavior there it is considered the normal accepted practice. Because it is their culture and what they are used to. Not trying to condecending but I am sure you get all this already.

    I understand the concept of helping the minority, but there is a difference in helping the minority and allowing minority to dictate the majority. That is what I am speaking of. Just because .1 % of the people are blind does not mean we should change the entire environment to suit them. You do what you can and assist in what ways make sense and are practical. I still do not understand what the fuck they put Brail markings on the drive through ATM for. Seriously, who is this for? In case Stevie Wonder is driving to the bank?

    But I digress, the point I would say is that you have to manage the idea of minority consideration or soon the consideration of the few begin to crowd and usurp the well being of the majority.

    I am not heartless but The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. That is not to say we can’t concede some areas to make things equitable for minorities but we should not rule over the majority because of it.

    For once I think I get that you are an artist and maybe that is where you discontent comes from, I really hope you don’t feel that way to the core because if so THAT would sadden me deeply. It to me would be a tragic waste of your life and I would hope for your daughters sake you could find something to give them that is content and fulfilling.

    Anyway, happy Tuesday to you Globa and yeah I enjoy talking with you. πŸ™‚

  7. Akbar Lightning
    July 6, 2010

    i think greg, if you were more sensitive to the long history minority discrimination, and how recently it is that women have been given the right to vote….you might not be so impatient with a little adjustment in our society, and you might understand why some find your fears of minority oppression a bit paranoid…i mean afterall, the majority is the majority…as sun tzu says ‘a position of strength needs no defense’

    personally, i am happy i live in a society that requires businesses to install handicap entrances…not just because of the handicapped but because it says something about the character of our society..and i think this is where you are most mistaken about america…it is part of our character to work to make the lives of those who suffer better…in fact, this is part of the human character, when at its best, in my opinion…

    and such compassionate means of organizing our society provides jobs, and brings us closer to existential issues….for thousands of years, we have either killed or imprisoned the mentally ill and handicapped…we are slowly beginning to learn how to incorporate people with challenges into our lives…

    as you know, globatron is vulnerable to the occasional seizure because of a medical condition…not long ago, he would also be vulnerable to being fired…but now he is protected…and able to continue to earn for his family…in other words, we are beginning to dismiss minor topical issues so that people’s character can be used to benefit…

    growing up in an impoverished culture has often negatively affected language skills and relational skills…equal opportunity incentives have allowed the majority to integrate with our lower classes so that we can give some of the bounty of american profits to try and make our world more equal…unfortunately, in response to this many of the elite have worked tirelessly to outpace this equalizing effort….

    but i think you see, that compassion is not about the end results, it is not about profit or pragmatism…compassion is a perspective, a way of being…a higher state of consciousness that does not allow for the kinds of fears you raise, because it denies their legitimacy at the very core…

    and this is the reward, the water in the glass, that i don’t think you see in globatron…it is what our glass is half full of…

  8. Greg
    July 6, 2010

    I get your meaning Akbar, and I understand you intent in the consciencely compassionate through awareness mentality. My response is that the opposite of that is not the absence of compassion, it is compassion in another form. Perhaps in the best explaination, instead of handing the man a fish I would teach him fish so he could do for himself for that is a far greater gift than simply feeding him.

    And I don’t raise fears, I raise real, legitmate, rational, pertainent questions that should be addressed. It is disingenious to simply aspire hopes, dreams and other great intentions without examining the ramifications of the acts. I am reminded of the Jim Carey flick Bruce Almighty were while weilding the power of God he simply grants everyone their prayers answered at of ease instead of examining the prayers. The result is complete chaos and instability due to conflicting wishes and goals.

    In any case I too am glad America strives to make things better. Before we worry about the remainder of the world I would more satisfied if we first looked internally and resolved our issues here at home. To me there is no reason in this country that we should have homeless, hunger or unemployement. If we would build self sufficient homeless farming communities that would teach the homeless how to grow food, provide them shelter and begin to give them skills to survive it would go a long way to solving this challenge in America. And no I don’t believe in handouts. I believe in hand-ups.

    That might be considered mean or heartless or that I lack compassion but I don’t. I am pragmatic to the core and believe in the teaching of how to fish not in the giving of the fish.

    It is better than the old way the cave men used to do it. Give a man a fire he will be warm for a night, set a man on fire and he will be warm the rest of his life. πŸ™‚

    FYI, that was a joke. Laugh.

  9. globatron
    July 6, 2010

    I personally find the half glass empty/half glass full metaphor to be a bit naive when it comes to something as complex as life.

    One can be happy in life but not happy with ones government. One can be happy in prison (spiritually) but still not appreciate the way the guards treat the inmates. Nelson Mandala is a perfect example of someone who was able to be in a tiny jail cell for 27 years and maintain his ability to have compassion and empathy for his fellowman.

    With that said, I am content in my life. I am actually happier than I’ve ever been. And to use the glass metaphor, I see the “glass” and I want it to be full, not empty or half full. I want it to be overflowing for my children. If I was to give them a sort of unrealistic hope for the future that my parent’s gave me I feel I would be lying to them.

    You can’t be everything you want to be in America. You can be happy spiritually and you can do your best to use this freedom of speech vehicle or tool (we so often speak of) to better yourself and others. But as Akbar said, as soon as our government decides to take it away they will. That doesn’t mean I can’t be free in my mind. Freedom is not physical. Happiness is not stuff. The American Dream is a pipe-dream that robs the soul of what truly matters. We don’t need upward mobility to be content. Soon there will be no upward mobility and that’s fine with me because wealth (my opinion) does not make a man wealthy. Overabundance of wealth, steals from the land and eats at a man’s soul.

  10. Greg
    July 6, 2010

    Hmmm, while I respect your opinion I disagree with it. It is possible to be upwardly mobile and succeed in this country still, you are lying to yourself if you think otherwise. Too many examples of those who managed to achieve success through hard work and committment are present. You can doom and gloom yourself to thinking that no one can achieve, evidence to the contrary is there in your face disproving it.

    My father taught me a saying, Money can’t buy happiness, but happiness will never pay the mortgage. While money certainly can’t buy you happiness it will most certainly facilitate the means to which you could find happiness. I know you will probably say that is not real happiness or contentment since it is manufactured but you know I have never seen many homeless people that appear satisfied with their current situation. I know what matters to the soul, I know also there is a balance with the practicalities of life. If you told your electric company that you could not pay them and they should be happy you exist they would promply shut your lights off.
    This in turn would be uncomfortable in the heat or cold and possibly fatal given extremes. So this would mean you would die happy but cold?

    I get this thing from you Globa that you dismiss one on the account of the other. It is possible to have a spiritual balance between the two. You do not have completely discount the material in the name of the spiritual.

    There are people in this country who obtain wealth and success while maintaining their humanity and spirituality. Bill Gates is a fabulous example of this who obtained more wealth that anyone on the planet, then gave 90% of it back. His family is very close and he is still very down to Earth.

    But your argument does hold true in some cases, some people regardless of how much they achieve or accomplish or earn, are never happy. So it is true in some cases that money does not buy happiness.

    Simply dismissing the American Dream because you don’t believe it is possible is paramount to saying man will never fly as a plane soars over your head. We can be free, happy and successful without selling out souls.

  11. globatron
    July 6, 2010

    Sure it’s possible Greg but it is darn near impossible. It’s the lie that it’s easier to do it here than anywhere that i’m tired of hearing.

    It seems the statistics support my argument that American (Dream) upward mobility is a pipe dream.
    excerpt below:

    By international standards, the United States has an unusually low level of intergenerational mobility: our parents’ income is highly predictive of our incomes as adults. Intergenerational mobility in the United States is lower than in France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Among high-income countries for which comparable estimates are available, only the United Kingdom had a lower rate of mobility than the United States.

    Of course I want to win the lottery. I mean who doesn’t. I went to college, etc. I’m playing the game.

  12. Greg
    July 6, 2010

    Alright so I pose the question. Since you have facts and statistics that are supporting your position (while I maintain you can find numbers to support any position) let’s take you for an example. If you wanted to increase your earnings or position, you could take classes to advance your knowledge and skillset to the market. Thus making you more marketable and earn more for your efforts. It is possible, I think the reality is the jobs earning more are becoming less frequent and people are getting lazy in this country. Most want the reward and are unwilling to put in the work. It takes lots of work to get ahead and no if you don’t put the effort in you should not be rewarded for it.

    I say this because I am completing my Master’s current and will be pursuing my Doctorate after. Why? Because I want to better myself and earn more.

  13. globatron
    July 6, 2010

    I can find numbers and statistics to support the FACTS, yet many still don’t believe in global warming, yourself included correct?

    So why do you support America as being an exceptional place to get ahead when it’s indeed not? Can you in return supply me with some statistics to support your argument?

    As for your educational aspirations, congrats. I am interested in what your Masters does for you. I am surrounded by coworkers with two masters degrees. I have many friends with MBAs and most have experienced how their extra education has done nothing for them to increase their pay. Currently being over-educated and over-qualified is also something to be worried about.

    I am content with my education because I continue to learn. Check out Globatron University and we too will give you a diploma if you put the “hard” work” in πŸ™‚

  14. Greg
    July 6, 2010

    What I think it will do for me is make me more marketable. I will contend and agree to some degree that your economic status is greatly assisted if you come from those with means already. Wealth begets wealth. Yeah I agree, but it still does not preclude that if you apply yourself and work at it that you can’t achieve.

    Oh and on the global warming, it is not the facts that are in dispute, it is the rationale that man is the cause I have issue with. It is sheer arrogance to base an entire climate change theory off only 200 years of recorded data. And most of the scientific community that initially supported the global warming platform has now come out and renounced their support because of new evidence the previous findings were extrapolated and pure guesswork with little actually facts or data to back it up. More akin to chicken little and the sky falling. Yes the planet is changing, no man is most likely not the primary cause. Here is a statistical fact though, over 78% of green house gases put into the atmosphere annually come from one source.

    Volcanos. Yes, naturally occurring event we have no way to control. Funny how that fact seems to be unreported or focused on. Man can not possibly be causing more volcanic activity? Anywho back to work.

    Oh, and as for your statement of “So why do you support America as being an exceptional place to get ahead when it’s indeed not?”

    Really? Here are three names for you to consider, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Dave Thomas. All successful, all started with an idea and almost nothing. The guy who started Stein Mart is an awesome story also. One man with a vision and desire to build something, came to America with .25 in his pocket. Now has a huge retail chain and legacy to pass off to his children.

  15. globatron
    July 6, 2010

    First off, statements like:
    And most of the scientific community that initially supported the global warming platform has now come out and renounced their support because of new evidence the previous findings were extrapolated and pure guesswork with little actually facts or data to back it up.

    make it is impossible for me to take your opinion seriously. Everyone who is an artist can also fly. People who are white are now pink and blue. Most of the scientists now know that. Didn’t you know? I mean I wonder why there was a global meeting to discuss global warming initiatives. All those governments and their fake scientists must have not gotten the memo.

    Please share your facts on that as well. Remember Copenhagen?

    “Beastie Boys”
    I said Where’d You Get Your Information From Huh?
    You Think That You Can Front When Revelation Comes.

  16. Greg
    July 6, 2010

    If and when I get time I will look up some links. Bottom line, the global warming movement was loosing traction so the name has been changed to Climate change. Because evidence supports it is getting colder also.

  17. globatron
    July 6, 2010

    Wow. I just looked it up. They both are correct. Global warming is the most imminent threat. Climate change is an overall change in the environment. Cold in some places. Warm in others. They are both bad news.

    Global Warming β€” An overall warming of the planet, based on average temperature over the entire surface.

    Climate Change β€” Changes in regional climate characteristics, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind, and severe weather events.

    for your reading pleasure:

    Funny but I’m sure this is some sort of liberal manifesto to convince the people to give more of their personal freedoms away so that they can be taxed more for clean air and water. Maybe even to be off fossil fuels one day which I’m sure we can both agree is good for our foreign policy and security of our world.

  18. Akbar Lightning
    July 6, 2010


    don’t take this the wrong way, but it will help you…



    and to make a minor point…on the volcano theory…i always find it interesting that people use science to argue with science…although i don’t need scientists to paint an exact picture, i’ll go ahead and take their concerns as important…give them the credit due to their profession, just as i would when i go to the doctor…

  19. Greg
    July 7, 2010

    It would an awesome achievement if we could find a feasible alternative to petro using industries. Consider that it is not simply fuels and lubricants but a vast number of alternative products that come from these resources.

    Agreed though it would increase our security. Just not sure what, when, where or how something like this would be implemented. Solar is got a long way to go, nuclear is not a good small use option, hydrogen fusion is also quite a long ways off. So other than us all using Segways or pedaling I am not what the answer is. I personally love my car and enjoy driving it much. I suppose that makes me part of the evil people that don’t care.

    And yeah Akbar I know my grammar was really bad, I am at work and supposed to be working. Forgive me if I forget to spell check everything. πŸ™‚

    I consider scientist the same vain in which I consider hired expert testimonial witnesses for trials. They are professionals in their fields and are being paid to say something that someone wants said. Every side of the climate change argument is being saturated with experts who argue both ways. Bottom line is we know the environment is shifting and we are merely spectulating as to why. The proof that man is the sole cause of this is slim at best. Man may be playing a part but what the fuck are you going to do about changes that are completely natural. If the Earth shifts into a colder climate mode by no fault of man, what do we do then? I think instead of blaming man and consistently trying to run around doing things we believe will prevent climate change, we should attempt to gage it, VERIFY if man is really the cause and then make appropriate adjustments as needed.

    The arrogance that man has that much power over the planet is really telling of how deluded we are. I think the planet is shifting through it’s natural cycles of cooler and warmer periods. Look at the hurricane predictions of catastrophic super storms they have been predicting for the last 5 years since Katrina. The reality is we have set record low hurricane activity for these years. And now the fishing reports are showing the water is actually cooler than it has been which they are saying will lend itself to a lower hurricane count and intensity this year. So which is it? Is there horrific climate change or should we finally admit there are changes and we are just not sure what the hell they are? I do look at all the facts, I just do not conclude the same assertions the professional make.

  20. Akbar Lightning
    July 7, 2010

    hey greg, i would like you to close the doors of your garage, start up your car, open the windows, and tell me about the changes to the environment as you sit there…i am not suggesting you do this for long, just until you come back to reality….

    have you ever flown in a plane?

    have you ever looked at a globe…

    mankind has been to the moon for christ’s sake, we aren’t exactly inchworms…

    have you ever seen the hoover damn? that’s a lot of freakin water…stopped by manpower…

    cars are dirty, it don’t take no grand consensus to understand that…have you ever been to a park that was not properly maintained, a couple of dirty birthday parties can ruin that nature real quick…

    you ever drive down to south florida, and seen the only mountains we have in florida, the landfills?

    come on greg, don’t act so dogmatic…it’s getting tiring…

    oh yeah, seen the gulf of mexico lately?

  21. Greg
    July 7, 2010

    I never said was not impacting the planet, I said our impact is being exaggerated and embelished to support an agenda. That is my issue. I understand change has to happen, but at what point do you do more harm than good? Doesn’t humanity get a consideration in this equation? It is kinda like killing the patient to stop the disease. Did it really solve anything? If we make changes that cause impacts in humanity that catastrophicly wipe out entire countries what is the point?

    Humanity needs to find a balance but I do not believe we are willing to give up our standard of living to do that.

  22. Akbar Lightning
    July 7, 2010

    what exactly are you talking about?

    first of all, what changes do you actually see occurring and how do you equate those changes with the catastrophes you are talking about…

    the only catastrophes i see are the ones caused by the energy industries…i’m sorry, i really don’t get your point…

    it seems that green energy, helps the planet, creates jobs, and creates a socially responsible future…

  23. Greg
    July 7, 2010

    Green energy also is not efficient enough to power our needs and requirements currently, does that not factor in to this? Is the only option to go without for the sake of going “green”? I mean if that is the case and we have to then lets all go back horse and buggy. That is the issue with the going green theory, going green is great in theory, real application does not provide for the needs of the country let alone the world.

    Consider like Russia with the brutally cold winters. Heating oil is how the majority of the populace stays warm, it obviously is not great for the environment. Do we tell them they have to go green and the sacrifice is some go without heat?

    That is the issue I have with this whole concept, every time the practical NOW issues get over looked in the name of idealism. While I would agree that something needs doing but at what cost, who makes the sacrifice for the betterment of mankind and the world?

    And and and and, HOW do you get the rest of the world to agree, imagine half of Russia freezing during the winter, imagine power in California becoming a luxury because we are rationing it, no fossil fuel plants allowed, only “green power” wind, solar, and hydro are not enough to power every need. So again who goes without? this is the argument I would put forth most.

    Let place a little closer to home, if you were told you could no longer drive your vehicle because it burned gas and could not afford an electric alternative what would you do?

    Going green is great in theory, eventually they need to be practical about it and make it affordable and desirable.

  24. Akbar Lightning
    July 8, 2010

    greg, sometimes you act like a fool…when in fact, you are just being stubborn about arguing…

    of course, i am not suggesting that russians freeze and die in the winter…

    just because green energy is not enough to fully replace fossil fuels, you are implying, that we ought not move to implement them..

    come on, if you are going to make wildly dogmatic arguments, don’t be so coy and evasive when they get called out…come on greg…

    the industrialization and mass production of green technology would not only help and provide improvement, it would stimulate innovation and discovery, and therefore provide for us a more sustainable future.

    don’t let your desire to hold onto your ‘side’ of an argument trump your ability to see a more reasonable way of thinking…

  25. Greg
    July 9, 2010

    Akbar I am presenting an extreme of the issue. Exaggerated and overstated definately but the government in power is working hard to force this change on us with significant cost. It seems immaterial if people can afford the change we need to push it through for the environment.

    Let me give you an example. The recent conversion of air broadcast signals to digital and the removal of analog tv broadcast had been scheduled and delayed for 10 years. Everyone knew it was coming. The government still had to spend BILLIONS of tax payer money to help anyone who was low income purchase a $50 convert box for $5 or free.

    Now that being an example, what happens when they mandate we all drive Ethenol cars? Perhaps you are not old enough but I remember when we had REGULAR gas, not unleaded. And when they forced catalytic converters on the vehicles. It cost a pretty penny.

    The point of this is, in your movement to go green the person who ends up paying is the lower people on the scale. That I have an issue with. Going green is noble pursuit but consider the cost to those who would be impacted directly by this. That is the issue I have. What if I don’t WANT to drive a fuel efficent hybrid gerbil mobile? Don’t we have the right to have a choice and not have the green movement forced on us? See that is what my beef is, you say volunteer movement, I see government regulation and interference. If private industry wants to invest in going green and believes it is profitable to do so then let it do it. Not from government programs, mandates, or regulations.

    I dread a day of waking up and finding everything I considered awesome and free about America being regulated away.

  26. Akbar Lightning
    July 10, 2010

    you can’t have it both ways greg,

    you can’t claim we have the greatest free-est country in the world,

    then say it is over-regulating people,

    you can’t say you think poor people ought to be responsible for themselves,
    and then claim that they will be the victims of the green economy…

    your contradictions evidence a kind of prejudice, and an unwillingness to accept some basic information…this kind of obstinacy is rampant in our political life…people unwilling to find a middle path with progressive ideas…

    i don’t see green issues being forced down anybody’s throat…

    in fact, i see them competing against industry, in a free market model, and because of this they are twice as expensive and therefore can only be participated in by those in the upper middle class and further up…

    government regulation is meant to help make the competition a real one…conservatives are always talking about our need to get away from foreign oil…there is plenty of common ground on these issues, but the conservatives have to stop being so intellect-phobic, and realize that smart people are people too…


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