For the money and debt they must pay.

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I am eavesdropping as the commercials play.

Buy gold and you will mold your fortune into a mountain.

When we have nothing.
No money,  just debt.
No property,  just a lease to pay
That keeps us less stressed each day.

I know this thing they call money
Is something we need to live.
I don’t believe in its power, as it
causes nothing but death.

To all who cherish and worship it,
Money is the golden calf.
That many cultures bow down before.
Thinking they can just buy happiness and forget.

I want to live by something much greater.
To always know that life is fleeting.
That we really never own anything.
That commerce is just an evil spell.
That keeps us tied and bound.

That economies need us to worship money.
Because it controls all our daily actions.
We need to be controlled, so we will not
Stand up for the rights and freedoms
That we should already have.

Freedom is just a commodity.
That is traded on markets each day.
Shadow puppets pull our strings for it.
Selling our souls for an ounce of Gold to make
Us into their slaves.

I want to believe in a world without money.
Where debt is not used to enslave.
Where we can live our lives without
The fear of getting sick each day.

I want to believe in a world without money.
Where we can pursue our dreams as we wish.
Where we can live without
The fear of our enemies and neighbors killing us
For the money and debt we all must pay.



  1. Center'd in JAX
    October 17, 2009

    News: Globatron: For the money and debt they must pay. #jacksonville

  2. Akbar Lightning
    October 18, 2009

    i have to say, i think you’ve come up with a new genre, poetimage (pronounced with a french ‘age’), like collage, like mirage, like massage, POETIMAGE.

    it’s fascinating to read and be both supported and more deeply confused and titillated by the imagery.

    money was once used to keep records of exchanges, and i suppose that was a good thing, allowing for more to be done.

    i don’t know, lately i’ve been thinking that anything we look at, any item of culture is only as rotten as the people dealing with it.

    logocentric has been working on some fascinating ideas concerning ‘anomie’, it’s a fascinating term, anyways, i think there is something going on that has to do with the rapid acceleration of change, and that is making us more tribal, and therefore we are more likely to fall for golden calves.




  3. globatron
    October 19, 2009

    Poetimage is a great word. And untouched it seems from a short google search on it. I like the French pronunciation too. I watched the anomie videos just now and I must say I’m a bit concerned with the killing of the gold fish in the last video. Just kidding, considering I eat fish like potatoes. It’s okay to each potatoes isn’t it? There does seem to be a bit of anomie in our culture now. Hopelessness almost. The only redeeming quality I can find in it all is that it’s inspiring. If there was no suffering in this world I doubt I’d create a thing.

    As far as the poem goes, I’m just a bit concerned that it’s all an illusion really. Our currency is quite useless. It has nothing backing it up anymore. And yet we need it to survive. It’s like playing with monopoly money but this game is for real. How can we take the game seriously if the currency it is based on is a lie?

    And yet we do take is seriously. So much so, that we fight wars and kill our neighbors over it? It’s a truly sad predicament.

    Allah O’ Akbar.

  4. Patti Sanford
    November 19, 2009

    For the money and debt they must pay. |

  5. Andrew B.
    November 22, 2009

    Since having lost my job three years ago, I have had both the time and the inclination to reflect on the consumer culture I am no longer a part of, or am at the fringe of.

    To be sure, consumerism has indeed fueled a “better” life in the past 100 years, improving the standard of living by both providing jobs in the manufacturing sector and providing products and services that make life easier and more pleasant. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    BUT, the improvements have been, to a degree, inequitable, both within our national borders and especially outside them. We have raped the land, and we have enslaved workers in the developing world who provide the raw materials and labor to produce consumer goods. (Read the book Brave New World for a harrowing example of consumerism run amuck, eugenics in service of an undercaste to support the elite, the use of drugs to limit critical thinking).

    A certain amount of consumerism is necessary to the functioning of society. We need to eat, to provide shelter and clothing, and to find ways to pass the time of day through diversion or entertainment. But obsessive consumerism, consumerism run amuck, is exploitative and destroys the environment. A week after losing my job, I drove to Florida to visit an old friend. Driving on I-75, near Gainesville, I passed a Harley-Davidson dealership with acres of gleaming motorcycles shimmering in the sun. Something about this sight sickened me. It seemed garish and bloated. (I’m not anti-bike or anti-Harley, but that is what I saw and that is how I reacted.)

    How much is too much? Do we really need doggy daycare in a world in which millions of children are starving to death? Do we really need a prescription medication to enhance our eyelashes (Latisse), when millions suffer from Guinea worm disease for the lack of an inexpensive drug? Do we need cars that tell us where the nearest French restaurant is and then park themselves when we get there? Why can we not, as a society, say, we have plenty, we have enough, let us provide for the less fortunate. And this does not even begin to address the rape of our planet.

  6. Akbar Lightning
    November 22, 2009

    yo Andrew,

    whoever you are, welcome to globatron, it is so refreshing to have somebody visit and celebrate what we are trying to do, unlike most of our visitors who just want to tear us down because we are idealists.

    sorry to hear about your job, i hope the world opens up to people who see the injustice, people able to actually imagine that the world can be more equitable.

    welcome aboard Andrew!



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