Fix Bayonets

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That sunset over there
Watch it…..
Watch it disappear

As the colors transform
As the clouds dance

Did they put you in a trance
What did you see
Shapes making patterns

Did you see a future
Did you hear your ancestors
“Fix bayonets”

Jumping over twisted wire
Razor sharp
Can you hear their war cry

Can you see their blood
Limbs torn under
Spirits broken

As they charge hill after hill
All youth stolen
Kill or be killed

When our veterans return
Often lame and diseased
Faces aged like raisins

We assure them

For country
For Freedom
Is not murder

They are heroes
Come back and build
A new life

Make a family
Married with children
Have memories

Worth dying for
Pay your mortgage
Pay your taxes

Shoot straight
Toe the line
America is worth the time

In the mud
In the sand
In the air

Up on Capitol Hill
Congress can not pass a bill
To kill or be killed

In their cushioned chairs
In their air conditioned offices
With health care for life


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  1. admin
    October 6, 2013

    I thought of my dad when writing this and the battle at the Chosin Reservoir as a young teenager. How lucky he was to get out alive, fighting the North Koreans and the Chinese in -50 degrees.


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