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Global neural pain network
surgically linked at birth.
Goal, empathy conducted pain increase.
Produce feedback to Remainders.

Survivors of wars and storms.
Pain our oldest teacher.
Pain our moral connector.
Drink more water than your
share, receive a six.
Shower more than once a week,
receive a memorable eight.

Eat more than one needs
receive a near deadly nine.
Ten for cutting down healthy trees.
Eleven will kill.
Reserved for hurting others.
Destroying environment.

Pain feedback mechanism to instill,
no more room for error.
Fewer Remainders the better.
All actions monitored.
We learned; Earth did feel.
each and every drop spilled.
Resources wasted and hoarded.
Earth burnt to its spine.

Neural pain network update complete,
Cleanse the world of the unworthy.
The polluters. The murderers. The war mongers.
All living cancers relieved by their own free will.
Global neural pain network update: FEEL


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