Farming Consciousness

Posted by on Feb 16, 2014 in 2014, Choken Word, Fear, Peace, Survival, TheMachine

a deep sorrow
grows inside
the human heart
as it echoes
centuries of war.
of fighting for.
something we can
never achieve.

a liberty.
a justice.
a freedom.
a peace.

we seek together
to relieve the revenge
programmed deep
inside our DNA.

birthed in far away lands.
pyramids slaved out of
rock and sand
throughout the continents.

where our prophets were born.
where logic and algebra
were formed.
where stars were
observed and obeyed.

we worry together.
for we carry with us
a hunger that can not
be quenched.

a fever that can not
be wrenched
with any government

for the tribes are deeply divided.
as we once looked for the
internet to tweet our revolution

now we seek to hide
our internet connection.

knowing our IP address
is being recorded.

each transaction.
each wi-fi station.
each family relation.
each credit card verification.

we are enslaved to the
new pyramids
of data.

where we are all
locked inside the strata.
as servers farm


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