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The man with the iPad ruled the world.
The touch screen opened up his third pearl.
Through the touching and petting he had evolved.
A third eye had blossomed for all who had absolved
Themselves from any prejudice of this new device.
Who had welcomed it with open arms for a small price.

New applications were developed at mind bending speed.
School kids were issued iPads to complete all their needs.
The third generation release sped up the pace.
Humans were more integrated with the internet race.
Never before had we been so connected through one interface.

Some sort of mystical quality was truly released
When several hours were spent petting its face.
This UI seemed to be an extension of our brains.
No longer needing anything else to connect, the iPad reigned.
Soon no other computer product could compete.
Humans had one technology product to make them complete.

The world’s problems were¬†crowdsourced through this extension.
Many issues never thought solvable soon reached intervention.
The fourth genration became small and thinner.
It could be folded up to be a portable flexible winner.
It was the touching and petting that unleashed our connectivity.
It was those movements that made us part of this interactivity.

Who would have thought that one product could do so much.
That human history had been waiting for this crutch.
That we only needed this one step in the way we communicated.
That through the iPad we would make the evolution we had so evaded.


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  1. Globatron.org
    March 4, 2010

    eyeEvolve| how the iPad could help evolve humanity: http://bit.ly/aJcsAO

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