Eating Cake

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Put another man to death. The crowd goes wild. Cheering loudly not snickering under their breath. Proud to be the state who creates another fatherless child. There are major differences rising to the top. The discussions that are had are different between the whole lot. One group has empathy for their fellow man. Understands that no one chooses to live in poverty in any land. That there is a vicious cycle of abuse and lack of education at hand. The other group would rather have them all die. Has begun publicly cheering when hypothetical deadly situations arise.

If that man did not have insurance then surely he was crazy. If he could not afford it then surely he was lazy. These are the choices each man must make. Liberty is to have the freedom to hang yourself if you seek. Get cancer and you will die quickly they hope. Don’t be a burden on the state’s economic tight rope. All under the mask of Christianity these people speak. Not remembering the teachings of Christ defending the weak. Not remembering Jesus breaking bread for the hungry to eat.

Many are calling this class warfare to want to take care of each other. To ask the richest to pay fair taxes so we can take care of one another. To have some common decency for their fellow man. To realize the probability of the lottery they did win. That working hard is not a sure in. That things break. Cancer takes. And insurance companies are out to rape. This is not class warfare, this is simple math. The one per-centers can’t have everything and continue to take. If anything has been proven is that history repeats. The bourgeois will be confronted by the proletariat in a clash neither seek. This is the history of mankind we hope not to repeat.

I speak to you all now as one human group. Have a little empathy and love and regroup. Forgive and forget and live by your prophet’s teachings. If you don’t there is little hope for world peace. War will come from the unwilling to compromise. Terror will again come to the Homeland. Not by our enemies but from the common man. Who will not allow his pension to be taken or his benefits to be stolen. As the banks were bailed out and their yearly bonuses given. The poor grow poorer and the hungry will eat.
Let them eat cake will not work because cake is not meat.



  1. Byron King
    September 22, 2011

  2. Byron King
    September 22, 2011

  3. Christine
    September 23, 2011

    It strikes me as a very protestant mentality emphasising individual responsibility and harshness of accountability, lacking in understanding, compassion or forgiveness. I appreciate that the life of the settlers was incredibly harsh and harsh circumstances often make for harsh mentalities, but life has changed and pragmatism and flexibility are more likely to lead to an improved social experience that can adapt to change. I also detect a lot of anger here; anger is a learned response usually reinforced at an early age by parental modelling. There will also be heavy doses of guilt because no one can come up to the standards of perfection demanded of the individual responsibility ethos consistently: that’s just totally unrealistic. People who are hard on others tend to be hard on themselves too and that tends to result in emotional and/or physical illness. I feel sorry for republicans, for their pain and their fear which causes so much suffering for themselves and the rest of us. I think things will change, Byron, because the kids are becoming more hedonistic through gaming and pleasure technologies but as these old fogies cling on for dear life it’s gonna be painful watching them die and trying to drag us down with them and their sinking ship.


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