Early Adapter

Posted by on Dec 12, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word, TheMachine, Transhumanism

  I have been clicking a mouse for years.  
  Clicking and typing to make my fears  
  subside by paying my growing bills.  
  Learning to find perfection in strokes and fills  

  Gradients, vector, bitmap and pixel alignment.  
  To find excitement through a new assignment.  
  To learn new technology along the way.  
  To see the connections that always say  

  That all of this is part of one thing.  
  Be it a brush or a computer to make it bling.  
  These are just tools we use to tell our stories.  
  Just tools we use to help find our glory.  

  I have seen the dot com bubble come and go.  
  I have seen the birth of web 2.0.  
  I have been a little guy on the chain of command.  
  I have run a team fulfilling many client’s demands.  

  I have been an early adapter of new technology.  
  I get emails from companies asking me to beta test their strategy.  
  I have donated my energy to help many a venture.  
  I have seen start-ups come and go and felt the adventure.  

  I have connected the dots between paint and the digital.  
  I have continued to learn as it becomes less and less physical.  
  I have welcomed the coming revolution that has begun.  
  I see the digital as a possible savior for the far flung  

  Ideas that are right on the horizon to help humanity.  
  To break the chains of repeated history and discard our vanity.  
  To help break the cycle of human rights oppression.  
  To help find peace and freedom as life’s eternal lesson.  


  1. Logocentric
    December 12, 2009

    globatron–i really like this post. it is a powerful combination of image and text. you are admitting your role as technician but also as human being. it is the thing that interests me the most these days: the question of how to be a person within impersonal institutions. thanks, as always, for putting yourself out there. it is helping.


  2. globatron
    December 13, 2009

    Thanks mate. I actually wrote this today for the home page of my work portfolio http://www.byronkingdesign.com. I felt it applied to our conversation we’ve been having about technology in general.

    I personally have done nothing significant. I am basically a construction worker for the internet. Fifty years ago I might have been a craftsman of some sort. Instead I am a craftsman for the internet. I didn’t build it. I didn’t invent anything that has helped mankind with it. Slowly but surely I am using my skill set to help others tell their story and at the same make a living. I try and look to the future of the internet and see how my little part adds to its history.

    So I maybe that is one reason I don’t fear technology as much as many do because I have embraced its evolution years ago and I continue to be educated and entertained by the possibility of what it can do for the future of mankind.

  3. Akbar Lightning
    December 13, 2009

    another killa, great stuff.

    you should get this over to your pal bogusky, i would imagine anybody involved in digital media would love this poem, an anthem for our generation.

    great stuff.


  4. globatron
    December 13, 2009

    An anthem for our generation. I can dig it. Thanks Akbar.

    It’s been a wild ride and it really has just begun.


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