Drinking Coffee

Posted by on Jul 3, 2010 in 2010, choken sounds, Choken Word, healthcare

Tyranny we feared.
Freedom we cheered.
Fought a war to separate.
From our many constraints.

From the corporation of the King.
What freedom have we gained?
Slaves to the federal bank.
Slaves to the wars we shank.

To the natural resources we take.
To the loans we pay and make.
No longer able to pretend.
Rule by Britain was not the end.

Coffee we now drink.
No tea for the mouths we sync.
With the venom we spew.
At each other to review.

No health care for our people.
Our citizens treated with evil.
Minorities are never equal.
Gays in the military, another sequel.

The country we so hated.
Now our best ally so often stated.
One mighty corporation begun.
One kingdom under the sun.



  1. globatron
    July 3, 2010

    Happy 4th of July weekend. We can be thankful we are not part of a country that has amazing universal health care and treats gays in the military as if it’s a non-issue like it should be. Enjoy your morning coffee.

  2. globatron
    July 3, 2010

    This reminded me of this identity poem I did a while back.

    I think I’m going to have to get on ancestry.com soon or these feelings will surely intensify. This must be similar to the feeling an adopted child has not knowing who their genetic parents are.


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