Dragon’s Breath

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in 2014, Choken Word, Peace, psychology


We are all
in passing trains.
Date of birth.
Time of death.
Time stamped
on the tracks

As subway cars
through the
Feel the stale air
bellow debris
and sand like a
coming storm.

As the metal brakes
the ground,
through the round,
corners of our lives.

I look across the tracks
and see you once there.
What if we both
took another path?

Would we be enemies?
Never to talk again.
Holding grudges till the end.

Would we be friends?
Our kid’s in school together.
Sharing the same playground.

What if I never accused
anyone of wronging me?
What if I always believed
in positive intent?

Never taking things personal.
Never taking sides.
Never hiding
behind any false flag.

Could I wave to you?
Would you wave back?
Could we find each other
at peace as the next
train breathes its
dragon breath into
our lungs, again.


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