Dog Meat

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they… want us to start thinking about colony.
how you and i and family will be
when it all comes to the end.
the government has plans in place they say.

loosely knit stories of where we will begin
anew among all the rubble.
anew among the virus that will double.
an exterminator of the entire human race.

a catalyst to begin to rebuild the face.
this planet having been so ravaged.
so disgraced that it did gladly distort
molecules to build a super virus needed to replace

us from the top of the food chain.
how many will survive our final reign
of the culture we worked so hard to build.
off the backs of each other’s pain and bills.

off the debt we ate like a tylenol pill.
to cure all ills the human condition did not fill.

look around and what do you see.
do you see people that you would want to defend.
sharing your last food and water for free.
securing your shelter each night as you sleep.

sharing your fire in the cold night’s desire.
they want you to start storing food.
they want you to start amassing weapons and wood.
because fear is the way it will end.

fear of your family and friends.
not knowing who will steal your last breath.
not knowing who will eat your pet.
when you are not looking.

so i say to hell with all of this fear.
let the end come my dear.
i will not be held captive by the paranoia.
if it is to end i will be looking out for ya.

by not thinking of dying while living here.


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    August 1, 2010

    My latest: Don't let the paranoia get to ya. Live in the moment. All we have is now.

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