Digital Gravel

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I am not a hacker.
I am not a programmer.
The world is slipping away.
With no smart phone I watch in dismay.

As I become outdated.
My human operating system frustrated.
By all the new technology
That I must adapt to each day.

I build web sites to view on laptops.
Not for display on iPads or iPhones.
Not for applications to download.
The new generation has taken over.

I am just another computer user.
I don’t build systems or networks.
I dress business casual and go to work.
I use all the tools that I can

To help the users that came before RAM.
I know enough to make a living.
No new next big ideas in my head.
Nothing new to add to the social machine.

I clock out and go home to my family.
I am thankful that I can provide for them simply.
I leave the digital revolution to the children to come.
May their programs improve life some.

May they use their powers for good.
May they remember the users before them.
That we put our hands in the digital gravel
So that they could grow this road we all travel.



    February 6, 2011

    Digital Gravel: inspired after watching The Social Network. #facebook #zuckerberg #google

  2. Infiniverbal John
    February 25, 2011

    Wow, powerful piece!

    I have felt similarly.

    But the funny thing is I think maybe there are already master high level programmers of reality who may be Godlike beings guiding humanity to an ascended level of love and light.

    Love and light sometimes sounds a bit trite to me. But love and light is It.

    We may all already be programs that appear as organic beings within a holographic framework.

    The programmers of tomorrow are still not super advanced compared to the programmers of an infinity ago. And God it seems may be the Ultimate Programmer and master of the subtlety of crafting experience for all of creation.

    Maybe one day soon we’ll be able to download programming languages into our souls or something, that would be interesting.

  3. Byron King
    February 26, 2011

    Damn. What a wonderful thought. The idea of master level programmers of reality guiding humanity is really powerful and one I will try and meditate on. Thank you for that. The programmers of God. The Gods of God. I do believe one day we will indeed be able to download programming languages into our consciousness. The singularity is near. Maybe you and I are bits of code that we are indeed downloading into each other’s consciousness as we speak.

  4. Infiniverbal John
    March 4, 2011

    When I was hearing voices in my head recently, some of them I saw as “the programmers of reality”, and well, it’s been interesting. I was also in conversation with “The Machine”, which represented a fractal infinity of virtual worlds within virtual worlds. I also spoke with a character I called “The Nothing”, which was like the blank emptiness or the void or something, like the background that creation is played out on and within and without.

    And I’ve been having further insights in recent weeks and days. I’ve been processing a lot of stuff.

    So yeah, we could all be programs, sentient, self-aware programs, and maybe this is simply how nature works.

    Maybe some beings can jump between virtual worlds and teleport and have telepathy, and fly and do all kinds of stuff. There could be all kinds of worlds and forms of existence, kinda like all the different video games.

    All the pain and suffering on earth may be relating to a refining process and relates to free will. We have the free will to enact pain and suffering on ourselves and others, and through the pain and suffering we learn about the nature of reality and we become more inclined to spiritual growth and alignment with divine wisdom and love and grace. All of the frustrations of life may be to move one more to exist in the present moment and flow as One with the sea of energy we exist in.

    I saw a bustop billboard that said “Protecting the future of nature” for some environmental organization.

    If the nature of nature is a fractal web of virtual worlds within virtual worlds, it could be that some worlds are like birthing grounds for new sentient programs that evolve and eventually become masters of technology and gain the ability to grow new life by creating new virtual worlds.

    High level programmers of reality might exist consciously for millions, maybe trillions of years and may eventually want to be non-existent (total death of the soul, and total obliteration into the vast nothingness, just wiped clean, gone forever). If this is the case, then the high level programmers of reality may need new recruits, so they craft worlds such that beings ascend into great wisdom and great spiritual mastery as to have the ethical knowledge to wield the technologies to create life itself and be in alignment with the Will of God.

    Master programs/beings might have the ability have a virtual universe within their brain, and we could exist within the minds of some higher beings (they can probably have a shared consciousness). And these higher beings could exist within the minds of even higher beings. And this could go up and up and infinitely, an ultimately we could all exist within the mind of God who has Ultimate Wisdom and Ultimate Knowledge and Ultimate Power and Ultimate Love and Ultimate Grace, and the gift of life is that we have free will to make mistakes and learn to be more like the Ultimate God that knows us intimately and loves us and maybe really is us.

  5. Infiniverbal John
    March 4, 2011

    That’s an interesting thought we may be bits of code being downloaded into eachother as we interact. We may all interact on telepathic levels and often aren’t aware of it.

    I have wondered if there is code that composes my soul, if I have a soul, whatever a soul is, maybe some advanced being can see it and mayebe I will see it one day.

    It could be the body is a program and the soul is a program within the body. A program within a program. So maybe upon death, the soul leaves the body and enters a new reality.


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