Deceptively Simple

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in 2014, Choken Word, Fear, Peace, psychology


a chess board is laid out new.
so many options.
each piece must conform
to its role.

to know empathy
play the pawn.
they are strong and many.
hear their voices.
each one, a choice.

when on the line
what will they do
to realign the board.
will they stay put.
will they cross into the fire.

the King and Queen
must think of
all the bodies.
all the blood.

will they lay down for me.
what is the strategy
for this human tragedy.

for a pawn has a life.
a family.

a symbol for freedom.
one step forward.
one step sideways.

deceptively simple.
for one move
can change all games.


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