Bleached Like Me

Posted by on Oct 7, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Globalization, Truth

I am waiting for you to feed me.
I am waiting for you to clean me.
I shuffle in my feces like another species.
I have been bred to be fat.
I mate for you so you can take
My children and feed them more.

They never know me as they are stolen.
Put in another cage to grow in.
I used to scream but now, no more.
I realized the loud ones were snatched before.
So now I sit here and eat this corn
Hoping to last another day.

I take two steps with dismay.
My muscles too atrophied to move me.
My eyes swollen shut so I can’t see.
Next week I will be someones treat.
A snack sandwich or maybe nuggets to eat.

My body defeathered and boiled.
Then slammed through a machine to destroy
All my bones and cartilage for
That driv-thru you so deplore.
My body now paste like and pink.

Bleached white so you will think
That I was once healthy and well kept.
Raised with love on this great planet
As I ate, sat and shat inside a fence
Never able to see, hear or experience.


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