Army of One

Posted by on Dec 29, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word, Peace, psychology, WAR

A secret war of ideas is being fought.
It would seem the U.S. has been once again caught
feeding money and data to another country.
Killing many and rallying others looking for reentry

Into the United States to wreak havoc.
To blow up a plane and disturb our static.
To disturb the apathy the world has again begun to feel.
About terrorist activities around the world.

It would seem the terrorists are back in control.
As they continue to steal our media’s soul.
Working off pure conjecture that we easily consume
The media keeps us programmed to fear our tomb.

You can not have terror without fear.
Even with the faith of many religions we still shed tears
Over the possibility of losing our family members
Or the chance of being being blown up and dismembered.

The fear they inflict destroys the foundation of our culture.
As they don’t fear death and are all vultures.
Selling out their  religion and their countrymen for gold.
Selling out themselves for a pinch of hope to mold.

The root of the fear inflicted on us is the fear of losing our things.
Of losing the ownership of objects, people and feelings.
Of losing control of one’s life and one’s time.
There is no hope for us all if we can’t control our minds.

Because there is no terror if there is no fear.
There is no ideology that can win a war that is not here.
There is no damage that can be done
To a man who knows no fear and is one.




  1. Logocentric
    December 29, 2009

    brilliant! this is a masterful poem, my friend, and a powerful post. your placement of “it would seem” is perfect. you are doing explicitly what many of us do in privacy, in silence. and the audio clip makes me wonder if the kind of uprising (the final war) that the speaker talks about isn’t really possible. it seems to be on people’s minds.

  2. globatron
    December 29, 2009

    Thanks Logocentric. Very kind of you. Glad you got something out of it. To me this is a manifesto of sorts. I want to find a life without fear as I am not living one currently.

    And I too wonder if the Last War video clip is possible. But I continue to tell myself, we can’t fix the world until we “fix” ourselves. So if I can begin to live without fear myself I can gradually help others pull themselves out of the cycle of fear our culture pushes upon us as a means of survival.


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