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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word

A storm is brewing.
A country is burning.
Drought has stricken.
Hate is growing.
The two sides are broken.
Red is white with blue.
Can you feel it inside you?

Many would like to write us off.
Have the wolves pick us clean.
Cut off all government.
Each man for himself.
Open the prisons.
Have judgment on our keepers.

We ask little from our politicians.
We ask them to compromise.
We ask them to represent.

When their votes have been bought.
When corporations are people.
When we police the world.
When we can not police our towns.
When spree shootings are the norm.
When video games train murderers.
When movies make killing glisten.

If change is coming…

It is from within, listen.
Within each purchase.
Within each trip to the store.
Within each gallon of gas we pour.
Within each neighbor’s open door.

And if we need a hero.
It needs no mask.
It needs no armored body to task.

It is the actions we take.
The dreams we make.
The reality that will be
When we are free
From the tyranny we all feel and see.


A New America.


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