American Made

Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word

My mother was a teacher
My father looked for work
He found what he could
Never making what he should

Always paying the minimum
Sitting in church
Putting dollars in the pot
Praying for a better day
When hard work would pay
So that a man could say
He took care of his family

So my mother would not
Get spit on
Get cursed at
By teenagers
By bosses
By banks
Consistent albatrosses

As my father looked for work
No degree to help his search
Marine RECON in Chosin
A war hero when returned
Frozen then burned
American made
America betrayed

No steady job
He paid
With his pride
With his ego
As my mother graded papers
Red ink through the night
Burning the candle light
Giving my generation a new offer
So that we might one day prosper


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