Adams to Jefferson #7

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Self-Portrait as Saint Mixed Media 1999, Ken Vallario

Dear Jefferson, I have known only one as blessed as you.
You have so many gifts it would be hard to list.
You are a thinker of the utmost and highest right.
You continue to share your gifts to all our delights.

When you could easily have turned a blind eye.
You do not have to serve others by and by.
You could have decided to take on a craft or profession.
But you continue to battle with your words and ideas
The demons that we all face in each others confession.

You and I know the urgency of our mission.
As I believe we have been blessed to share our gifts
and to bring unity to all peoples with our unique vision.
A Messiah complex we may contain but I believe we may

Wake up one day and realize that the Messiah is within us all.
And to think that one can not save all is a true blasphemy.
That one must save themselves before we fix our own chemistry.
The cure for mankind’s wicked nature lies within you and me.

And everyone who decides to take up the torch and see
That all men are created equal, if and only if they decide to help decipher
Their destiny and seek peace and unity in the sacred moments
where we open our eyes to realize the beauty within us all.

This can only be accomplished with engagement my dear friend.
You must continue to be relentless with your words and actions.
You must create and write as if a demon is attacking your pen.
This demon cast doubts about our security and enslaves our thoughts within.

By making us believe we are insignificant and not worthy to speak out.
So as I read this early story by young Jefferson from years ago
of which I knew in another lifetime during the responsibility we would both forgo.
I remember that man and what passions and dreams he would often shout.

How he was and IS well equipped to battle the demons within.
That he lived recklessly and with adventure as did we all back then.
But he did not question his calling because he knew he had it all.
By the balls.



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