Adams to Jefferson #5

Posted by on Nov 13, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word, Correspondence


Dear Jefferson I once again ask for your ear and counsel.
I have been thinking of this country and the terror and fear we constantly live in.
How spree killings and horror are what our media feeds on and swims in.
And I offer a simple remedy for terrorism once and for all.

Effective immediately we force our media to focus only on the GOOD.
We force them to turn away from the bloodbaths and bombings for ratings.
And realize that by covering the terror they are part of this cultural fading.
For you can not  have terrorism without media coverage.

For you can not have fear if you are not forced to be fearful.
We need to focus on the good because that is what we need as a country.
And as a culture if this was to happen we would reprogram media consumers.
That in order to get media coverage you have to be great.

In order to be media worthy you have to go out and create
A culture of positive change for yourself and others.
If we were to do this it would immediately take away the terrorists’ power.
They know if they blow themselves up our media will blow up their story.

Killing innocents will lose its invisible glory and power
in this culture that uses violence and fear to make our people cower.
Is this naive, many will think, to focus on the good and ignore the bad?
I believe this is imperative for our culture to survive instead.

If this action is not taken the terror will continue as it is all linked.
For a moment we should all turn off our TVs and begin to think.
What type of culture do we want our children to inherit?
Do we wish our good deeds to go unnoticed and not gain merit?

So I present you this simple solution for many of our country’s problems.
I look to you for guidance as always to help me find clarity and prudence.
On how a step this small and yet significant  we might make?
On how we can take the terror out of terrorism for our children’s sake?


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