Adams to Jefferson #3

Posted by on Oct 31, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word, Correspondence

We are too big to fail, my dear Thomas.
That’s what we have become.
A country hooked on media.
Fed by our appetites we succumb.

To the false idol of the dollar
And what we think it is worth.
Binary code floats through our space
Hoping to make its place.

Into our virtual bank accounts of Hope.
We have nothing but today, and yet
We throw it all away for the fear of not
living to see our children grow old.

As our dollar becomes devalued.
As our debt grows greater each day, we must
remember when it was all just a concept.
That currency was supposed to grow Trust.

Now with the Big Banks set in place.
After having robbed us of our space.
Above any law that keeps them fair.
We can remember Hamilton’s folly.

We cam remember how we were
Not going to be owned by anyone ever again.
But that lasted all of  few years before
There was no food or water to volley.

In God We Trust is the myth of this currency.
That security could be bought and sold.
That we might mold our futures out of pure Gold.
And as time has progressed we have only continued to regress.

I want to believe in community just as you.
I want it to be a part of our liberty to discuss.
Our ideas freely among people’s passions.
Whose only focus is not just beer and fashion.

But as we seek the virtues on which our country was founded
I happily welcome community into this duality.
I must say I wonder how to attain such a thing
As it seems to be utterly fleeting in this virtuality.

Our culture is gigabytes grown in digital farms
As we obsessively write status updates of our lives.
But as I write you, there is no physicality to this reality.
Our reality is watching others fight for their utter finality.

As I cherish our missions of past and think of future endeavors
I wonder about the Globatron soldiers who have passed.
I think often of the comments that were sand blasted into my heart.
How everything was Relative and yet some things became Sacred.

I look forward to the correspondence before us.
I have hope that this will continue to grow and flourish.
That we may one day build this community for which we seek
And a peace within our hearts, too weak to do it all alone.


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