Adams to Jefferson #1

Posted by on Oct 27, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word, Correspondence

I think of our friendship and how we have grown.
How we have fought side by side together in past
New York subways. Sang our songs of Amazing Grace
for not a penny we would take to own.

We were young men back then and we wanted
so much change. You were always able to hold
your tongue as I grew more than one.
Because I wanted all to know that all we have is now.

That the truths are not self evident that you proclaimed.
That freedoms are won by the blood of man’s destiny.
And yet we sit here, our revolution seemingly won.
Grown gray we have and yet we stay on.

In the fight for what we know to be true
That we should wake each day and be in tune.
With our right to care and want better for our grandchildren.
To seek the truths from which the lot seem to be immune.

I write to you, dearest of Friends so that we might
amend the legacy before our pens. We were blessed
to have met through this challenge again. It would have been
a fallacy not to continue to seek truth after all our strife.

So as I sit here writing you today. I want you to know
that if it was all for this friendship then it was enough for me.
We might not see liberty or justice in our short lifetimes.
But we have sought it and to me that is fine.

As I think of you and all you have achieved
I remember the young man I met when we were learning to see.
For the rights of our citizenry. For the rights of humanity.
May we cherish the truth seeking yet to be.

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  1. Akbar Lightning
    October 28, 2009

    bravo, just saying a response is on the way, keep your browser tuned into this channel for this great new series from your two favorite virtual characters.



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