A Storm is Brewing

Posted by on Dec 6, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word

The Road

Dead barren lands we travel.
Wake and fall out of our lean-to shelters.
Clothes in tatters and souls nearly shattered.
Holding each others’ hands we gather.

I look into your eyes and I know nothing.
I impart no truths or wisdom other than my love.
As I know nothing more to leave you.
Nothing from my prior culture that is truer.

Like mites we cling to the thin skin of this world.
Surviving another day so we can sustain this love.
Death sees us and is following from above.
No idea how many lives have been spared.

How many souls bear the load and stress of living.
Have continued to scour the earth for each day.
Have fought each day not to die.
To wake with another.
To love another.
To not have to kill their brother.

Like dogs we sniff garbage and detritus.
Like vermin we bite through leather for pleasure.
To fill our stomachs when nothing else will measure.

Bodies along the road burnt and crisp.
We all knew it would soon come to this.
We have been planning and wishing it to end forever.
Our religions have promised us rapture for our pain.

And this is what we were given again.
Like premature man walking the ancient lands.
Our life sentence is to find water and fire and warmth.
Storing plastic tarps and fabrics that will outlast any flesh.
Wrap your cold and blistered feet and body with distress.

The road continues ahead and the good guys always win.
As we both fight the cold, rain and wind.
As we get off the road and huddle together.
What is the long term plan?
The social animal just trying to survive.
Trying to find others like him who are still alive.

Other animals to pass our fire to.
Other animals to pass our lies to.
Stories of how mankind had everything.
Stories of how mankind became unglued.
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.

At dusk we must seek shelter for us.
A storm is brewing, that much you can trust.


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