A paycheck a promise and a lie

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The U.S. military is not filled with saints and patriots.
As a veteran myself I saw people just trying to get by and pay bills.
The soldiers I knew ran away from the problems they couldn’t solve.
They clung to “American Values” as a mantra and a cause.

The soldiers I knew would betray you at the drop of a hat.
If it became a choice between losing sleep or another guard duty
They would easily make up a story and throw your name out.
Or drink you under a table and take you out back.

The soldiers I served with were uneducated and scared.
Just trying to get by and make life as easy as can be.
When not playing cards or talking shit about each other
They would shirk their duties and call you a Blue Falcon for caring.

When not playing RPGs and talking about glory
They would smoke pot in the latrine and ask for off duty.
They would often fall asleep on guard duty from hangovers acquired
While drinking till the sun came up over their heads.

The age of the soldiers that I talk about is skewed.
From teenagers to middle aged men it all comes unglued.
When the civilians back home talk of patriotism and heroes
They forget that many of these soldiers are just humans

That couldn’t figure out how to make it on the outside.
That enlisted for the promise of the MGIB and bonus money inside.
Especially in tough economies these promises get greater
Now in a recession enlistment rates are at an all time high.

As folks raise their hand and make that most important of oaths.
They trade their lives for the security they can’t find as civilians.
On this veterans day I remember that today’s soldier is not always noble
For they all have traded their freedom for a paycheck a promise and a lie.



  1. Winslow
    November 12, 2009

    Well done.
    your article really showed how soldiers are one thing and that is human and humans are messy.
    People have a fantasy about soldiers that just doesn’t resemble reality.
    Also it’s not just a pay check any more it’s citizenship for your whole family.
    We’ve created something much different now unlike anything before.
    Wars are no longer fought for liberty and certainly nothing morally pure.
    Wars are fought for political reasons.
    I for one am not willing to die for the man!

  2. Father Mapple Moab Adzu III
    November 12, 2009

    this will be the basis of the virtual global floating nation, it will be founded on the principle of peace as the highest virtue. globatron is hard at work right now on constructing some documents to start this process.

    i say, let’s send 40,000 troops to New Orleans to rebuild that part of our democracy. imagine the morale boost if we used our service men that way, imagine how they would feel. why can’t we even just use that as a place of rotation, so that they could continue to serve but be in america for a little while.

    father mapple moab adzu III

  3. globatron
    November 13, 2009

    Thanks Winslow. Glad you got something out of it.

    I have a few more posts I could make on this subject but more than anything I have questions:

    Why are our troops willing to die for these wars?

    Why is our country fighting these wars?

    If there was no oil in Iraq would we have gone there?

    When a troop dies why are they always credited for having fought for our freedom?

    Would we truly not be free if we did not fight in Iraq or Afghanistan?

    Is there such thing as a just war?

    If we had a draft how would that change our foreign policy?


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