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Posted by on Jul 23, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word

The waters have given
Rise to a new species.
Washing away the filth.
Chemicals distilled
And recycled into new DNA.

Insectoid in appearance.
Brains grown for clearance
To navigate survival.
Evolution continues

In billions of galaxies.
God was not here to save humanity
From ourselves.
God set the stage and let it all play out.

None of our prayers were heard.
Intelligent beings were birthed
Without a need for religion.
Without a need for division.

No tribes in their vision.
Working together for survival.
They cherished their life given.
They did not question.

Created no museums from our remains.
No Happy Meal toys put on display
To learn from what we made.
Embarrassed to come from us they hid

All remains of what we did.
Repeating our myths, history began with them.
No dinosaurs or humans written in
To the stories they taught their kids.

Content with the here and now.


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