iPad ruled the world

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Democracy Now

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Interactive Dreams

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All text blocks are clickable.  Enjoy!

String Theory

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String Theory What we know as our reality is purely a function of our consciousness as human inhabitants of earth. Beginning and end, birth and death, linear time and distance- these are all necessities to survival in this incarnation, -we are de-tuned- in order to pursue the activities necessary for sustenance in the confines of […]

The State of the Union

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Relationships are conditional. Absolute commitment is as a ridiculous notion as absolute freedom. We respond, we react and in so doing discover our limitations, our boundaries, that which makes us what we are, unique. I am struck lately by the grooviness of this thing, this globatron. And I believe it has to do with surrender, […]

Speaking in Tongues

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We are blessed.  Happy Thanksgiving…..

Maximize Freedom

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Maximize CHOICE!

What is next?

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Another example of how your rights to privacy are continuing to be distorted by those who protect your right to own and use semi-automatic weapons. …gotta love our constitutional interpretations.

Kanye – Gate – The wool, the eyes, the media manipulation…

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My brothers and sisters, recently while doing research on the front, i posted a jokey status on me facebook, saying I had swung my support over to Kanye, and alas, I received the following comment, me thinks it was thoughtful and provocative, and me wonders, one, how much longer me going to use ‘me’ this […]

Introducing Globatron University (GU)

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Globatron has reached its 1000th post and to celebrate this historic moment we are unveiling the most ambitious project to date, Globatron University.


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right down there. Yes! Fantastic.

Akbar’s Aphorisms #2

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Only when one is free from a nostalgic or regressive view of history and also free from a utopian or apocalyptic vision of the future can one concentrate on being.  And only in concentrating on being can one both participate in the great tradition of human culture and explore the innovation needed for future human […]


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The Globatron President’s Challenge

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Globatron has begun the President’s Fitness Challenge.  Remember that award you could get when you were in school as a kid?  Well they have a program set up for adults now too, and Globatron needs it because his alter-ego is a sedentary, computer clicking monkey. Globatron is now on his second day of the program.  […]

The Greatest Hoax of All Time?

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I watched this years ago and I must say it was pretty convincing. I had basically forgotten about the “Moon Landing Hoax” conspiracy theory until recently when I learned that NASA is preparing a trip to the moon in 2018.  What is odd to me about this new trip is the amount of time it […]

A Politician’s Word

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Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

I Tweet therefore I Am

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Back from the Twitterverse, to lay down this verse. It’s the Wild, Wild West out there.  Everyone is jockeying for their position.  Trying to get their tweets on top of your feed. The more tweets you get, the more hits maybe, or possibly someone will give you a read. Write you a line and tell […]

Reflection on Fascism: An Exercise in Empathy

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The lot of us, even the smart ones, are mostly echo-birds, seeing what we want to see in the environment, dismissing that which does not register; commenting obliquely in public and derisively in private, once we’ve found our clan, our sense of grouping, on the oddities and variances in others, those things which make them […]


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