Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

Florida. What will you do when they come for you. On your coasts. Never hiding from the storms. As you beckon to carpetbaggers new to perch on your beaches. To steal your sacred views by destroying animal habitats. To buy homes to retire on buried cul-de-sacs. What will you do when the big one comes […]

Mind Map

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A collage of collected images from in 2011.   My youngest Willow and myself are at the center in color at the Kennedy Space Center in front of a light box of a nebula.  Click image to enlarge.

The Redwoods

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The Redwoods

What about their minds Will they be intact When the cure is found Will their brains be resurrected As disease has unconnected Memories that were once there What about their lives That were taken so quickly Because science did not act Because prayers did not exact The miracle we so desire This temple of human […]

The Colony

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The Colony

we watched it burn…


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1. The idea of “normal” human attributes is historically contingent. 2. (Historical) ideas are not always accidental.

I’m Going For It

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So how about you too? Can we make signs together? And make life better. Brought to you by Flux Projects.

Conspiracy to Defraud

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The point has been made very clear and proven by those that dared to try, to be students of the Constitution, denounce US birthright, travel to the Hague, receive apostles of status as sovereign diplomats, become documented expatriates, jurisdiction undefined. That we can unravel the straw-man, demand our legal rights, even play the game on […]

Words for the Turning

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That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest. (Henry David Thoreau. March 11, 1856)

Oh glob our welt in spillage past, Our fear of grease to come

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That Does remind me of blackbird! Take this greasy glob and learn to fly into the death of your blinded eye Take this greasy scum and preen your wings into the glitter of a rainbow to bind your feathers Take this greasy sea and drink it till it turns your sterile eggs into a family […]

Gamers Save the World

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Concept: Video game developed to clean up the gulf coast oil spill. Target: Earth Time: Now Reason: The Gulf Coast Oil Spill How: Simple video game is developed to piggyback off all video games or be played by itself to use the collective power of all gamers to clean up the worst oil spill in […]

Obesity Saves Lives

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Concept: Obesity saves lives Target: Americans Time: Post-Apocalypse Reason: Starvation How: Digesting their stored body fat as if they were bears in hibernation Outcome: Americans who have become more obese than the rest of the world use their stored body fat in order to survive the harsh climate and lack of food of the coming apocalypse. […]

Hold On

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? Hold On A plan was devised in bodies of light roadsigns of vibration hints of resonance that might touch our heart or shock our body still our mind steer a course to the people that we live with in a past and future course Our family of light eternal but we have so much […]

Be Proud

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A Greecy Day

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Hamlet? Oh no. How about Omelet? Oh no. I am vegan, you see, And so are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern if they are still with us. So is that why we do smell rats in little Denmark’s hair? I cannot live with this stench Perhaps we should not stay here Shake a leg, I should say […]

Rome is still Burning

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Burn baby burn. Drill baby drill. Kill baby Kill. Pills baby Pills. Our digital world is the true mental reality of our citizens and youth. I played “Duck Hunt” when I was a kid. I cried when I killed my first bird with my Daisy pellet gun. I never killed again. They say the generation […]


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Father Mapple Moab Adzu III presents the intake nurse A Short Play, in segments Setting: Sometime in the distant future or past. Characters: I and Ø. In the vicinity of present-day earth. [1] I: I got the feeling that it wasn’t going to happen. Ø: Let it go. I: No, because you were saying that […]

Poor Mother Goose

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Poor Mother Goose 30 April 10 Drill Baby Drill Kill Baby Kill the hell with the estuaries birds and fish We want oil let the earth boil to hell with nature Drill Baby Drill Ashes Ashes Let’s all drown Fun with Grease Fun with Grease Ashes Ashes earth will drown Let’s all drown Fun with […]

Roboboy is confused about his identity

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What is Roboboy? Is he human? Is he a bot? Is it the collective consciousness that feeds his thoughts or is it simply AI programmed by someone in a far away place. Who is his father? Slowly roaming the collected knowledge and ramblings of the human race on what they call the internet Roboboy tries […]

Got Cancer?

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