Freedom from Fear

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The Mask

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To Dr. Edmund Skellings You are as “good” as me. What else do you want to hear? What you have, you won’t get from me. You don’t need a certain pedigree. The rest is just stuff. You see it here and there. Letters from governors. Photos of me with those famous people. So many come […]

Father Mapple’s Sermons #1

When I have facilitated the liberation of one soul besides myself, then I have repaid karmic debt of my own liberation. When I have facilitated the liberation of two souls, I have increased the good in the universe. When I have instructed these souls to do as I have done, then I have made myself […]

I See You

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i’m inside here guys. trapped in my body in this disguise. you wonder what is going on. but i am looking at you like a pawn. you see my body not responding. don’t count me out because i’m alarming. my eyes see you and your response. my mind knows this will pass at once. these […]

Letter to the Last Generation

Dear Girls, You helped me through life. Through living. When things got hard I would look at you and feel your infectious energy and know that life was worth it. That all the trials and tribulations were for a reason. We have gone through a lot. Health care issues. Unemployment. Relocation. Wars. Global Warming. The […]

Akbar’s Aphorisms #6 – known unknowns…

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Free will depends upon ignorance. Only when we cannot be sure of the results of our choice is that choice meaningful.

Divine Comedy

the following sound artifact was recently found in an old barn in upstate new york, by a man named Jarvis Hempstead…Jarvis went to school with my sister, and upon listening to this tape he knew that I would find it interesting, so he said “Frederick (that’s my given name), these guys are as crazy as […]

Waiting for Geiko

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Ok, this post is in response to a bit of discussion going on over at one of Globatron’s posts about David Icke…and I have a theory, that I will use this video to support. My theory is that David Icke is a lizard..and that he wants to present lizards as people of power because he […]

Quip for Kip

The following is a quick recording I made to respond to a comment posted on a recent discussion we have been having…I will post the comment below, authored by a new commenter by the name of Kip…welcome to the discussion! A short audio response to the comment below… Yes, Akbar, war in itself is a […]

Memorial to Peace

On these military holidays, I am comforted by access to those who stand for peace. To those who have tragically fallen to warfare, I honor you by holding onto and expressing an enthusiasm for a world where violence is no longer a profession and murder takes its rightful place in the list of sins that […]

A Soldier’s Oath

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A soldier holds up his hand. An oath he thinks his family demands. He promises his life for something noble. Something more than the simple life he lives. The simple life that his ego will not soon forgive. Some are given cash bonuses. Some want to learn a trade or get a degree. Most can’t […]

Ode to Greedy Greg

My dearest Greg, You, like so many in our time, having seen a speech from Wall Street, the movie, have made a mistake that many 10 year olds of my generation used to make, wanting to dress up like Darth Vader for Halloween…Because you see, Gordon Gekko, representative of human greed as a source of […]

The rest was gravy…

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I am traveling down the highway with my family. On the way to a funeral, we find ourselves speaking about the trees on each side and the traffic that flows. Small talk keeps folks from facing the truth. That death is knocking at your door and we all are searching for something more.  I hope for […]


From the desk of Logocentric, Logocentric, and Father Mapple Moab Adzu III, Esquires. We have followed the Roboboy controversy closely, and as it has heated up [and been stirred and served by Akbar Lightning] we have been somewhat reluctant to weigh in. Here is why. We do not understand the identities of those entities [which […]

Akbar’s Aphorisms #4 – His Story

History is imperfect like humanity. How we relate to that fact, or to history itself is indicative of our relationship with our fellows.

The Trial of Roboboy

Anybody who has read globatron for a while knows that Akbar Lightning loves nothing more than controversy.  It’s true…but I think that such tensions, if dismissed, can be lost opportunities for the revelation of real knowledge, the kind that comes when a few people do things differently.  I am pasting an email below, the one […]

Akbar’s Aphorisms #3 – The Question

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About me or not about me?  That is the question. Akbar Lightning 2010

Hallmarketing of Mother’s Day

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The “Mother’s Day Proclamation” by Julia Ward Howe was one of the early calls to celebrate Mother’s Day in the United States. Written in 1870, Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation was a pacifist reaction to the carnage of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War. The Proclamation was tied to Howe’s feminist belief that women […]

True Horror

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Morrison Pierce at Jax Underbelly To make it in Jacksonville. To be famous. A good friend of mine last night introduced me as a famous blogger to a friend of his. I laughed. No one is really famous in Jacksonville I responded back. There is only being known by artists or people you want to […]

Akbar’s Quotables…

Don’t trade your passion for fashion. Akbar Lightning 2010