Peace Exists

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Peace Exists

that’s the beauty. never throwing a punch.

Think Serpico

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Think Serpico

fear, paranoia, the grinding media machine of looping video.

Eating Air

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Eating Air

We will be eating air, soon
From tablets
To be unaffected

Summer of ’13

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Summer of ’13

A day can be long, as time d-r-i-f-t-s from full moon to rising sun and back again. You can watch it all live, now, on demand. 3D, HD, full of color full of giving, full of loving. full of forgiving. But….you must choose. Choose if you want to get out of bed. to see the […]

The Stream

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The Stream

Data beams…
Inside Everything

The 100th Monkey

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The 100th Monkey

We work our days. We continue to play as Dividends are bundled and traded. Futures bet against and faded. So that we might extract oil from sand To keep the same experiment going, again. Continual growth no longer charted. The population has boomed And we all know there is little room. Peak oil has passed […]

The Word

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The Word

The wind blows. The birds sing. The water flows. In the beginning was sound. A frequency that blew through the ground. Rising volcanoes from bursting stars. Energy compacted and thrown so very far. The up and down of a wave comes from our lips as sound is made. Attempting to describe all that can be […]

Never too close

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Never too close

Too close to it. Too close to it. Too close to it. I want to reflect on the ending of the Iraq War. What the hell did we fight it for? No weapons of mass destruction found. But we did find billions in contracts to stick around. To rebuild what we blew up. To grow […]

Matthew 11:5

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Matthew 11:5

A voice is not enough Actions must be taken Choices must be made Each and every day How much water to use What do you choose To eat What truths do you seek Do you put yourself in a chamber Hearing your own voice Echoed over and over What should you do Listen to what […]

Poisoned Milk

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Poisoned Milk

the moon grows large as the oceans surge. the largest its ever been. a week from the worst devastation. Japan toppled like a house of cards. waves wiped dirty a new start. destroying towns like a board game. on every channel you can see the lame. walking wounded with no home. fearing radiation from the […]

Our Human Shores

Our Human Shores

Humans are at the center of design As we can sit here and recline. Life critical systems operate all around. They are hidden out of view and can’t be found. They produce the water we drink. They produce the electricity we use to help think. All prototyped by cross disciplinary teams. Created by engineers, scientists, […]

The Atomic Heart

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In all men lives a hidden atomic heart Causing explosions anyone can start. Through hatred and malice we choose to spew To the hearts of millions from the mouths of few. Forgetting that a moral universe rules all. Our commandments have been written in stone. If we don’t wish to follow them we are […]

Without A Sound

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Without A Sound

The grid went down without a sound. Everyone knew it was coming. The cyberwar had been churning as Americans continued to shop. Stuffing their stockings. Making their lists and checking them twice. Trying to act as if they were naughty or nice. When Amazon went down, it was well known. No more online shopping could […]

Flea Ridden

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I don’t need an MBA
Because it is of no use to me.
I am surrounded by degrees.
People have diplomas like fleas.

The Invention

I am watching everyone make their mark. Using ideas and technology to make their start. Google. YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. What is my worth with no web application to birth? Cook it down, on a slow simmer. Until the idea glimmers. Until there is no sound. Until my mind becomes unbound. I can no longer […]

Parallel Evolution

Universaltron and I talked about this exact model after the spill…i cannot remember the post, but maybe he will embed it here…but the idea we had was that much could be done with a small army of bots…whelp, it seems our idea was a good one, and that somebody else, better equipped, went forward… i […]

To renew our lease

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The Sky is falling Literally falling. And what should we do? Rejoice? Is there another choice? Embrace our loved ones while we have the time. Or maybe things will turn on a dime? All the news media reported a crime. To scare people to believe what they want us to. Force us to believe […]

Father Mapple’s Prophecies #1

The 21st century will see truth dethroned as the ideal target of philosophy and honesty will take its place. Father Mapple Moab Adzu III

Drowning from Above

a light bearing down from above. water with light not love. filled with sand and earth. gushing from the cavern to search. your body and lungs and all you are. what you are made of. your soul. your desires. your internal fires. what desires are left undone? what was your dream and plan? what is […]

Globatron Saint

more hope, found within the machine…this young woman is a saint in my mind, and will serve as a model for my work this year on globatron….we must get out there again, and let our society know that we mean to be heard…bravo!!!! for speech full text click the link here