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Every once in a while I come across recordings that remind me that there is soooooo much good in the world, and so much reason for hope, in spite of what the news media wants you to believe.  so, here are 3 podcasts i listened to yesterday that filled me with hope and a sense […]

The Empty Hole

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the closest i have ever come to God is right here. typing words that appear as if I am being guided.

Father Mapple’s Commandments #1

My dear Globatron brethren and sistren, I have been thinking lately about the nature of law-giving.  Anybody who has been around our temple for any time knows that this is a constant fascination for me.  I have been meditating on how it is that such things operate, like the 10 commandments, The Code of Hammurabi, […]

One Long Infinite Pause

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Originally from One Long Infinite Pause.

Floating Deep

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I am a 600 foot deep, 12 mile long, 6 mile wide oil plume of sludge. I eat everything inside of me. Death. Decay. I do it my way. I am pushing towards your coasts as we speak. Thousands of dead birds and fish have come home to roost. They did it my way. […]

Blue China

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Maybe this is it. This language thing. This sharing thing. All our thoughts and dots Absorbed into one spot. The air in the antique room. Blue china, decorated doll house of a life lived serving. Teaching others to read. To seed their own passions while neglecting one’s own. I looked at my ancestral tree […]

Reductio Ad Absurdum

My dear Globatron Citizens, I am very happy to present my latest book Reductio Ad Absurdum – Five Considerations for the 21st Century Philosopher Sage.  It is available for purchase from at the link below.  I will be giving a free preview as a series of posts through the next few weeks.  After the […]

A New America

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Many on this planet are scared. Scared of what the future holds. Scared of what will soon unfold. An economy crashing once again. Two wars for historians to pen. But me, I am done with fear. I am thankful for my life, unclear. Being born in this time. The last generation to climb. The land […]

I am an Online Quiz

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I am Neo-pagan. An urban shaman. Who collages beliefs. Who cuts and pastes. I am Hindu. An old soul. Here in this fish bowl. Wanting to swim again. I am Buddhist. Seeking Siddhartha. To be enlightened. To be brightened. I am Unitarian. Open to it all. Knowing we will fall. Knowledge is my goal. I am an online quiz. Being […]

Father Mapple’s Sermons #1

When I have facilitated the liberation of one soul besides myself, then I have repaid karmic debt of my own liberation. When I have facilitated the liberation of two souls, I have increased the good in the universe. When I have instructed these souls to do as I have done, then I have made myself […]

My Buddy and Jesus!

Dear Globatron Citizens, as you know we always strive here at Globatron Headquarters to respond to the concerns of our dedicated readers.  This post is dedicated to Buddy, a recent commenter who felt we were being too casual with our use of Christian literature, and suggested we meant to insult this wonderful religion.  In an […]

Divine Comedy

the following sound artifact was recently found in an old barn in upstate new york, by a man named Jarvis Hempstead…Jarvis went to school with my sister, and upon listening to this tape he knew that I would find it interesting, so he said “Frederick (that’s my given name), these guys are as crazy as […]

Akbar’s Aphorisms #5 – Change

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the radio played Across the Universe by the Beatles as I turned off my windshield wipers. i looked up at the lustful summer storm clouds that had lightened their burden and spread themselves to reveal the caress of sunshine…with the soothing glare on my moist forearms I drove through the intersection mindful of my daughter […]

The Great Illusion

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I saw an old friend today I have not seen in thirteen years. I mentioned his name a week ago and today he appeared. He had not changed at all it seemed and was still thin. He told me how he has been living for years now in my dear Brooklyn. I just moved here […]

Lost Revisited

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I am starting to think that the interpretation of LOST is perhaps more meaningful if the periods of being dead or being alive are reversed, or twisted up, which I guess Lost does pretty well anyway What I mean is, what happens at the end, when they remember- it seems like that is what we […]

Deep Thoughts

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“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” Marcus Aurelius

Quip for Kip

The following is a quick recording I made to respond to a comment posted on a recent discussion we have been having…I will post the comment below, authored by a new commenter by the name of Kip…welcome to the discussion! A short audio response to the comment below… Yes, Akbar, war in itself is a […]

Memorial to Peace

On these military holidays, I am comforted by access to those who stand for peace. To those who have tragically fallen to warfare, I honor you by holding onto and expressing an enthusiasm for a world where violence is no longer a profession and murder takes its rightful place in the list of sins that […]

one gizmo changed the world

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Beyond Beyond Good and Evil

If evil can be defined as processes that work against human happiness and natural balance, then we can agree that evil exists and therefore that good also exists, those forces that add to human happiness and natural balance.  The effort to live without these notions is a failed experiment, a kind of hubristic aim to […]