Democracy in Action

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Democracy in Action

angry at being angry.
blame everyone for being blamed.
see jobs being jobs.
see government being government.

see politicians being politicians.
angry like me? then you are me.
know that i am nonsense just like you.
tired of political commercials as usual, usual.

We All Fall Down

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We All Fall Down

The wars go on, Innocent die. Bombs explode, Parents cry. Each side knows, Its cause is just. We must be right, In God we trust. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust Ashes to ashes, In God we trust. Ring around the many A pocket full of pennies; Ashes, Ashes All stand still. The years pass […]

The Autumn Leaves

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All weight removed by flipping a switch. A brand new perspective, I must admit Created the day I left my life. Awoke and was reborn with no strife. Realizing that to change I needed to see differently and rearrange The obstacles I created in my brain. I no longer live with tension and strain. How […]

Dead Man Walkin

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I’m thirty five going on eighty. Looking at life I find it shady. No sun when I needed it. Gray skies most days. I find myself wanting To get on my knees and pray. To be thankful And forget the rest today.

Little Pills

Little pills in my brain, Little pills made of chemicals, Little pills in my brain, Little pills all the same. There’s a green one and a pink one And a blue one and a yellow one, And they’re all made of chemicals And they all look just the same. And the people in the houses […]

I Did Try

changing realities thoughts. changing realities bought. knowing the food you input. knowing the garbage you output. no food from a can. no meat eaten. small choices we make. big voices we take. the world is begging. not to be forgotten. what we do right now. the seeds forever found. our children will learn. what […]

Death and Taxes

an idea starts out inside your head. planted like a virus for you to wed. you begin to think of your world differently. you begin to believe you are systematically reinventing the world before your eyes. truth be known you are just a spectator in vibe with your puppet masters. who are pulling your […]

Floating Deep

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I am a 600 foot deep, 12 mile long, 6 mile wide oil plume of sludge. I eat everything inside of me. Death. Decay. I do it my way. I am pushing towards your coasts as we speak. Thousands of dead birds and fish have come home to roost. They did it my way. […]

Sun Flare

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The conversation is being repeated. End times. Losing dimes. I remember my Brooklyn. Straight out of school, living in sin. Y2K about to make us all look a fool. Last Night, hit me over the head. It told a story about being alive and dead. Not knowing how people will carry on. Some screwed […]

Line of Sight

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We are the predators. The perpetrators. The exiles. That have hunted our own people and made them our slaves. Have locked them in boxes and sold them, to get paid. There is no sport like hunting an armed man. The ones who wish to do us harm in our lifespan. We have practiced our […]