The Birth of Roboboy

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“Hot towel sir, Hot towel mam” Lizzie’s ambition in life was to marry rich. This is why she had applied for the stewardess job in first class and also why she took a 50,000$ loan to spend on brazilian breast and buttocks implants.. “Can I please have another glass of champagne little miss” the grossly […]

Artist Wanted:

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Artist wanted to concept, dream and produce. Use whatever medium at your disposal to always question the status quo. Examine technology and think of ways to make it work for the betterment of mankind. Look at your culture and society. Try and use unbiased eyes. Always seek truth. Try and help others see new perspectives. […]

The Brain and Emotion

a great breakdown of the structure of emotional life…

too tired to slaughter

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We tried everything we could to survive. Science and prayer had exhausted the hive. No longer able to believe in the future Many began investing in a final cure. Major advances had been made in nanotechnology. Solving our energy problems would allow the continuation of our biology. One of the many plans was to cover […]

I remember earth

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I remember life on earth. I can access the data from my birth. My physical life flashed before my eyes. None of the bad memories or what I despised. Because now only the wonderful memories I care to access. This is a choice of my software process. Although I could decide to pull from any […]

Akbar’s Meditations #3 – does not compute….

in my recent meditation on objects of culture, and their evolution, i present a few images of computers, the Csirac computer, austrialian first generation computer, room sized…i’ve included a graph so you can compare storage power, the numbers are too large for me to adequately translate into language.  the point of these posts is to […]

Akbar’s Meditations #2 – The plane boss!

i was driving down the west-side highway today, on my way to drop off some artwork at one of the many superfluous art shows of the upcoming art weekend in New York City, all besides the point, when i saw the Intrepid aircraft carrier to my right and a stealth plane sitting on the edge, […]

The Topic – New Painting and Essay by Vallario

The Topic – Acrylic on Canvas – 22″ x 28″ If you would like to know more about this painting read the essay: The Topic : Meditation on the Identification of Legitimacy

Akbar’s thought experiments #2 – A Case for Creationism

Thought Experiment: Imagine human beings 1500 years in the future.  Imagine them fully transcendent over their biological forms and fully integrated with digital forms of physicality.  Imagine furthermore, that these new humans had set up a network of communication devices stretching across great cosmic distances allowing us to travel, in our data forms, very quickly […]

Is “global warming” stealing my life?

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Greetings 2010! It has been awhile since my last posting, but with all things in life, there is a natural winter rhythm that must be obeyed! Like a hirsute mammal, I was burrowed into a cave recharging for the spring [substitute Pacific island for cave in this case]. Throughout my winter journey, I was often […]

Enjoy the View

Infinite universes stacked on top of us. Bumping into our brains with their membranes. The mysteries are getting less mysterious. Fleeting glimpses of knowledge as such Opening up doors to the unknown and mythical. Spirits may be trapped in our dimension As UFOs travel back and forth from their star systems. Science does not negate […]

Meditation on Reincarnation

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An idea once thought to be foolish to me
as I came from a Christian paradigm.
I now find more and more interesting and free.
The idea that we can come back again.

That this life is a test, not the end.
That maybe what we give is what we will be.
Maybe we are waiting to be reborn anew.
Maybe our energy is now trapped not free.

The Sequence

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Drastic quick changes happen all the time.
Mutating our operating systems when we’re online.

It is Alive!!!!!

Hey Peeps, well, it’s happening folks, that’s right!  The singularity is now on the calendar mofos…This scientist Henry Markram recently announced he will create a fully conscious electronic brain by 2018…And I know, you are used to these numbers sounding futuristic, but that’s 8 years from now…HAL – lelujah…let me break it down a bit, […]

The Garden of Earthly Delights

We have created an information environment that has become more complex than a human’s capacity to interpret. This makes inevitable a coming moral dilemma, if we ever arrive at technology that can augment the human mental capacity in such a way as to make higher orders of thought possible, with larger quantities of information. As […]

Fish Dinner

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Akbar’s Retraction

Recently we had a discussion concerning crop circles, and I found the circles so impressive as to immediately deduce that they could not be man-made.  After further reading at the following article, I realized that this deduction has been made too soon: Also, after some discussion with Globatron earlier, he referenced: which makes […]

New Swirled Order

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Conspiracy to illuminate patterns upon your crops. To make you feel there is something on top. Looking down and projecting its energy on us. Or spaceships from another dimension paying us a little attention. Writing out the code that we should all see. To realize that there is something larger than you and me. Patterns, […]

An atheist’s defence of religion

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Controversial academic and author, Camille Paglia, was part of the ROM’s Director’s Signature Series entitled The Three New Commandments, coinciding with the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition. Paglia describes herself as an atheist who defends religion, explaining that an understanding of world religions and their symbols is essential to fully understanding human civilization and our place […]