The angles . . .

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=refractions . . .iterations . . .fractalated tendrils of our original singularity. We truly are the people of the last days – when all these things shall come to pass. We are spinning up, whirling like dervishes propelled by resonance in a tapestry of chaos and breathtaking beauty: spiraling, compressing, replicating rapidly, then more rapidly- […]

Mob Rule

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Back to Basics

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I want to get back to basics. When people were people not avatars. When letters were often written on paper. When families read books and played guitar. I want to get back to basics. When kids played outside till dark. When monsters were usually only imaginary. When parents could relax at the park. I want […]

The Sequence

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Drastic quick changes happen all the time.
Mutating our operating systems when we’re online.

Naked as a Jay Bird…flying the instrusive skies.

Invasion of our privacy is a ‘threat to my security.’ we have to get sensible, we have to find a way to create meaningful dialogue about safety, about the nature of terrorism, and about how to begin trusting each other and building a true community.

Nights of Resignation…Hidden Guild Members Come Forth!

We are hidden, even to ourselves. that which compels us, we resist, because it seems wrong somehow. Sure we act out, but these are pressure relief valves, we have yet to break down the damn, the facade that secures us from those we know to be our captors, and rush forth with the flood of […]

Fish Dinner

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You might be a slave if…#1

You might be a slave if your labor benefits the owner way more than it benefits you. You might be a slave if every job seems to contain the same numerical trap. You might be a slave if when your company is sold, you get sold with it, and you lose your benefits, while the […]

To Save Your Kind

Posted by on Nov 27, 2009 in Choken Word, healthcare, Revolution

I look at you but you’re not there. You are data and profiles that we all know dear. I see your vital signs and where you’re from. Who is your closest of kin, blood type and then some. Data is continually floating through the air. Not just small talk but entire histories and identities. You […]

the same old ant hill

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A change is blowing through the air One of peace and unity to those who swear. To seek empathy and unity for those who care. To seek justice and integrity for all that’s fair. This empathy can be found deep inside us all By trying to see all perspectives before we call foul ball. Fear […]

Expectations of Good People #1

This is a new series, much like The Laws, that illustrates that what we are seeking in our world is the ability to expect certain behaviors of others, and good people expect good behavior, and are often called idealists because of this.  follow along as we explore the expectations of good people, jump in and […]

Akbar Rage #1

Just got off the phone with my mom… she’s upset because the days she’s earned, she has to beg to take off, and her boss, the evil b#@ch purposely refuses to allow her to take a full week around christmas just to f#$kin upset her, because she is evil and has just a little bit […]

Akbar’s Provocations #1 – Dumb and Dumber

99 percent of human beings are intellectually shallow, dumb. Most people are creatures of habit, dependant upon a system that promises to satisfy their basic desires and because they are attached to these promises they are very resistant to the critical thinking required to accept radical changes in the system or the ideologies that are […]

Jefferson to Adams #4

Dear g-tron, we the people don’t seem to be on, The same page, like the declaration was written on, Independence is gone, invisible ink on a dear john letter, If I’m wrong, it’s a strong delusional attention getter, but its better to be a fictitious king than an unusual pawn, so instead of a […]