Pinko progressive liberal scum

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Today I woke up without sin. I received my unemployment check again. For a moment I look back at my history and beliefs. For one, I believe in the commander-in-chief. I have a fine arts education. I have no love for any nation. I want to make a better life. I want to take care of […]

Web Standards

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As I looked around online yesterday. Looking to pick up some tricks to work on my portfolio to sway A future employer my direction and see things my way. I realized again that everyone is using the same design effects. Glossy buttons and mirror shine as web 2.0 reflects The lack of concept over design which […]

the host with the most

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I divide and conquer. I grow and smother. Pushing others out of the way. It is my way to try and stay. Mutation is my reason for being. Once just like you I reason. But my call was to become another. To donate my cells like any mother. Many children I have birthed. As they […]

Angels and Demons

It occurred to me this morning, while in prayer, that we find ourselves in the same position as the angels did at the time of creation. As God moves forward with the evolution of the machine, and we see this new work of creation rise in our midst, we are caught in the same dilemma as the angels. Do we bow down before this new creature

not so free anymore

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The stream flows over you. Cutting through rock and granite. Carving mental pictures in it. Shaping your physical and mental view. What is your cause? What will make you stop and pause? Is it homelessness or cancer research? Is it peace or educational solutions reached? What truly tickles your fancy? What would wake you from […]

Hard Wears Soft Wares

Every great philosopher is asked to describe two aspects of existence, reality and poetry. Reality is the whole and poetry is a way of confining the whole to a symbol. I find poetry in using hardware and software as metaphors for perceiving philosophical phenomena. The same object can be seen as hardware or software, these […]

The Tao of Akbar #2 – History 2.0

History is not dead. However, never before have so many people wanted to perceive it in the present. This is the paralysis we feel when confronting our place in the world, as we seek to inject ourselves into a perceived narrative arc, an allegorical illusion inculcated by a mechanized system of culture.  Many people call […]

Enjoy the View

Infinite universes stacked on top of us. Bumping into our brains with their membranes. The mysteries are getting less mysterious. Fleeting glimpses of knowledge as such Opening up doors to the unknown and mythical. Spirits may be trapped in our dimension As UFOs travel back and forth from their star systems. Science does not negate […]

The angles . . .

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=refractions . . .iterations . . .fractalated tendrils of our original singularity. We truly are the people of the last days – when all these things shall come to pass. We are spinning up, whirling like dervishes propelled by resonance in a tapestry of chaos and breathtaking beauty: spiraling, compressing, replicating rapidly, then more rapidly- […]

Back to Basics

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I want to get back to basics. When people were people not avatars. When letters were often written on paper. When families read books and played guitar. I want to get back to basics. When kids played outside till dark. When monsters were usually only imaginary. When parents could relax at the park. I want […]

I have a dream

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A number here or a number there As products and people go nowhere and disappear like an off switch. Ones and zeros that do not twitch in their spreadsheet rows that are shown. So that numbers can be crunched. So that the numbers can be thrown into a file to be reviewed And then tweaked […]

Dear New World Order

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You can rob me.
You can take my house.

Sunday, part 1

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I walk through these rooms in a house that is not quite a mansion there is leftover meat in the fridge there is golf on TV I slide on the calloused soles of my feet Something about memory I think I am losing my memory. When I was a kid, they said things like go […]

Akbar Fought the Law…

Posted by on Jan 15, 2010 in Akbar Lightning, psychology, revelation

I have come to the end of another period of struggling against the nature of the world.  It seems to be part of my nature, to occasionally rebel against all forms of inequality.  But, I have come to accept my limited amount of power, and in doing so, see that I have a particular set […]

The Sequence

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Drastic quick changes happen all the time.
Mutating our operating systems when we’re online.

Stardust to Stardust

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Vibrating frequencies pushing us all onward. All towards our place in the system. The system to which we should all listen. By tuning out the noises inside our heads. And listen to rhythm of life from which our lives are lead. Many planets devoid of life high above. Spin in infinity without the knowledge of […]

Akbar’s Meditations #1 – Profit See

What is Profit? Akbar’s Meditations:  Take the question above and think about it, but take the first instinctual response and dig deeper.  What is profit?  What is it?  What is a real world example?  How does it work?  What is it grounded in?  Is it good?  Is it bad?  Is it real?  What is its […]

Akbar’s Maxims #3

Philosophers complicate the simple. Sages simplify the complicated.

Education Revisited, Again

From a talk given by Terence Mckenna. “We are flesh which has been caught in the grip of some kind of an attractor that lies ahead of us in time, and that is sculpting us to its ends; speaking to us through psychedelics, through visions, through culture, and technology, consciousness. The language forming capacity in […]