Paint As You Like

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Paint As You Like

let me tell you a secret. i don’t read books.

Just Like You

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Just Like You

I thought my actions would be a good example to follow.


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I put a gun to my head each time I write you. I think about … if this was the last thing I ever did, what would it be that I could give? What words could help you live? Would it be a confessional to my ancestors? To be read at my funeral. To be […]

Summer of ’13

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Summer of ’13

A day can be long, as time d-r-i-f-t-s from full moon to rising sun and back again. You can watch it all live, now, on demand. 3D, HD, full of color full of giving, full of loving. full of forgiving. But….you must choose. Choose if you want to get out of bed. to see the […]

Digital Gravel

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Digital Gravel

I am not a hacker. I am not a programmer. The world is slipping away. With no smart phone I watch in dismay. As I become outdated. My human operating system frustrated. By all the new technology That I must adapt to each day. I build web sites to view on laptops. Not for display […]

Feeding China

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Feeding China

Freedom is exaggerated and abused As many cling to their Bibles and Guns China’s economy continues its cruise Selling the seas of cash funds. Beating Captain America. For the U.S. has nothing to teach China. No moral high ground to seek. No words of wisdom to preach. Because its middle class is shrinking. Because it […]


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every once in a while life just works. you finally get a break from being the mail clerk. your dead end becomes a path of opportunity. it happens when you least expect it. expect nothing and you won’t be rejected. never fill yourself with smoke and mirror dreams. put your head down and just work. […]

In the Shadow of the Tower

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In the Shadow of the Tower

A ball of white light blasts outward. A man pulls his body upwards. All his energy exhausted. His singularity invested. There are people that don’t understand The investment that has been given. There is a city, a world, a universe That has been growing version by version. Like sleeve tattoos recycled among its own Shaped […]

Logocentric Dies in Fierce Car Crash; Globatron Goes all to Hell

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Logocentric, frequent contributor–and at times, infrequent contributor–to, died today in a fiery car crash outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.  According to fire rescue officials, Mr. centric turned west onto an eastbound one-way traffic lane and collided with a charter bus full of suicide bombers who were en route to Dallas, Texas.  There were no survivors in […]

I was lost but now I’m found…

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I believe again. Men did walk on the moon. The science was legit. No hoax by our government. I saw the rocket that propelled Man out of earth’s orbit. Shot us to our satellite As man looked down in delight. I believe again. That conspiracy does not rule. That thousands did not tie Their tongues […]


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Poetry and science Are similar in their appliance. Poetry collects abstract thoughts. Old and new stories are taught. Subtracting from the lie. One less pill to prescribe. Science collects facts. Puts them in charts and graphs. Producing new theory. To accept or be leery. Both search for truth. The elusive white whale of youth. Both […]

Night Watch

I did this in a half hour, in an effort to get a little more immediate…yeah boyz….. Click Here To Listen to Night Watch

Father Mapple’s Prophecies #1

The 21st century will see truth dethroned as the ideal target of philosophy and honesty will take its place. Father Mapple Moab Adzu III

Drowning from Above

a light bearing down from above. water with light not love. filled with sand and earth. gushing from the cavern to search. your body and lungs and all you are. what you are made of. your soul. your desires. your internal fires. what desires are left undone? what was your dream and plan? what is […]

The Urgency of Time

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Billions of years. Our molecules acquired. This rock floating through space. Molten lava embraced. A magnetic core has bore. The life we all negate. An urgency of time. We face waiting in line. To tell our story and learn. To find our glory and burn. The ego we maintain. I was on this pebble […]

Father Mapple’s Commandments #1

My dear Globatron brethren and sistren, I have been thinking lately about the nature of law-giving.  Anybody who has been around our temple for any time knows that this is a constant fascination for me.  I have been meditating on how it is that such things operate, like the 10 commandments, The Code of Hammurabi, […]

One Long Infinite Pause

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Originally from One Long Infinite Pause.



The Problem of Poetry

Here’s a spoken word piece…hope you likey… Click Here to Play

Floating on Air

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I sleep well at night. Floating on air. All our furniture in storage light. All our love laid bare. An extended family we now live. We did not have on our own. To a new community we now give. Real people instead of voices on the phone. The recession took it all. Our old house […]