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Whom will this transition favor? It may favor those with houses–with mortgages and kids–who are willing to pay whatever they can for a word of security. It may favor the imaginative, who may talk their way into shelter and protection. It may favor the itinerant–the rough and lonely individual–who can adapt to extremes. It may […]

Letter to the Last Generation

Dear Girls, You helped me through life. Through living. When things got hard I would look at you and feel your infectious energy and know that life was worth it. That all the trials and tribulations were for a reason. We have gone through a lot. Health care issues. Unemployment. Relocation. Wars. Global Warming. The […]

My Buddy and Jesus!

Dear Globatron Citizens, as you know we always strive here at Globatron Headquarters to respond to the concerns of our dedicated readers.  This post is dedicated to Buddy, a recent commenter who felt we were being too casual with our use of Christian literature, and suggested we meant to insult this wonderful religion.  In an […]

I am globatron

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Do I know who I am? More than a fan processing plans mimicking bands on other lands Don’t you see my buddy my comrade plain-spoken study more than a fad cosmic plaid I wear under my coats around my finger sacrificial goats

The Church of Globatron

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“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

I see 23

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I see the number 23.
First thing in the morning when I role over to look at my alarm clock it’s 8:23.
When my girls stop me on a page when reading books at night it’s page 23.
The house across the street would have been 7023 if it was built.
My second child’s due date was March 23rd.
And by surprise today is April 23rd.

Human Nature….

this is a clip from Examined Life, a documentary featuring 10 philosophers, very well done, simple, not flashy but clear and concise…

Angels and Demons

It occurred to me this morning, while in prayer, that we find ourselves in the same position as the angels did at the time of creation. As God moves forward with the evolution of the machine, and we see this new work of creation rise in our midst, we are caught in the same dilemma as the angels. Do we bow down before this new creature

Enjoy the View

Infinite universes stacked on top of us. Bumping into our brains with their membranes. The mysteries are getting less mysterious. Fleeting glimpses of knowledge as such Opening up doors to the unknown and mythical. Spirits may be trapped in our dimension As UFOs travel back and forth from their star systems. Science does not negate […]

Akbar’s Meditations #1 – Profit See

What is Profit? Akbar’s Meditations:  Take the question above and think about it, but take the first instinctual response and dig deeper.  What is profit?  What is it?  What is a real world example?  How does it work?  What is it grounded in?  Is it good?  Is it bad?  Is it real?  What is its […]


Fire in his underpants or in his shoes The thunder will strike when it is time for you. No matter how much you strip or what you wear. When your time is up, you will bare Witness to these pivotal times. When we kill each other over the drop of a dime. When our enemy […]

I Googled God

I believe in nothing. I believe in everything. Everything is possible today. Nothing will happen you say. Maybe this is it and it all just ends. Maybe it is all connected and continues to begin. Is it up to us to really know Or should we all keep an open mind to show We don’t […]

The Gold Star

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Trying so hard to win the gold star Excelling with words and drawing for far too long without anyone noticing. Without the powers that be realizing. I have pretended daily that I don’t care. That I put my passion out there and that it is fair to distance oneself from one’s desires. That, that it […]

Fight the Power – A Confession

The life of a rebellious person is made more difficult by the accumulation of knowledge.  As I grow I see there is a constant temptation to use knowledge as a defense against, what is innate in some people, the tendency to advocate for justice, in the form of the complacency that can come with comfort.  […]

An atheist’s defence of religion

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Controversial academic and author, Camille Paglia, was part of the ROM’s Director’s Signature Series entitled The Three New Commandments, coinciding with the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition. Paglia describes herself as an atheist who defends religion, explaining that an understanding of world religions and their symbols is essential to fully understanding human civilization and our place […]

The one true God is blind

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The one true God is judging me. He looks through your eyes and sees. He thinks of how I have not turned to him and bowed my knee to you. Through your eyes he watches us bomb countries and children in the name of him. Through your eyes he worships and loves and sees all […]

Cozy, Secure and Backed Up

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The singularity we often speak of is one single event. One single moment where we attempt to reinvent the way we circumvent these feeble bodies and minds that have weakened while we all go blind. From one single-celled organism slit. To one splitting atom booming into outer space. We are already single and alone and […]

the same old ant hill

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A change is blowing through the air One of peace and unity to those who swear. To seek empathy and unity for those who care. To seek justice and integrity for all that’s fair. This empathy can be found deep inside us all By trying to see all perspectives before we call foul ball. Fear […]

All Our Invention

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Words write themselves on the back of my eyeballs at night when I sleep Forming patterns and cadence in sentences as I try and count sheep. I’m dreaming now about a humanity that realizes its fullest potential. That begins to see the patterns that will open us up to another dimension. All religions have a […]

The Cavalry is not coming!

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We fly through an infinite space. A spec of sand in the eye of the gods. Knowing not our place and who made us to face this internal place. We cling to and create beliefs that will fill up our empty infinite space. We make laws and government to make order out of chaos and […]