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you say poe-tay-toe I say poe-tay-taa ashes, ashes we all fall down words disengage logic from understanding from big picture dialogue from sharing on theology on spirituality on the oneness that is split into a trinity “God is the great I am,” she said “We are the temple,” I said, “So I am, we are […]

A Sunday Rerun

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A Sunday Rerun

We are never good enough. We will never measure up. Injecting guilt into life. Injecting fear into wrong or right. For each life choice is being watched. Not just by God on his omnipotent cloud But by the congregation with their soap opera frown. Each year is a repeat of the same old stories. So […]

Matthew 11:5

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Matthew 11:5

A voice is not enough Actions must be taken Choices must be made Each and every day How much water to use What do you choose To eat What truths do you seek Do you put yourself in a chamber Hearing your own voice Echoed over and over What should you do Listen to what […]

The one true God is dead

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The one true God is dead

The one true God is dead. We shot him in the head and watched as he bled. Because he grew fear and hate. Because he watched us and did nothing to state That love is God is a word. A feeling that we all have but do not deserve. Because we have massacred our own people. […]

Spoken and Forgiven

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Spoken and Forgiven

As the words find you Remember where you were. What conversations you had Sharing the title of the books of past. When you repeat your prayers Remember the power of the layers Of time pressed and passed. From one’s lips to another mind Where words have grown the divine. As the words find you Pen […]

The Anti-Patriot

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The Anti-Patriot

I don’t believe in this country.
I don’t believe in its greed.
I don’t believe in its lack of tolerance.
I don’t believe in Adam and Eve.

Sweet Cherubs

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Words spit fire from inside my ancestral choir. Singing verses not yet explored or known from the inside Of the human species, unable to relate. I am the everything. My vowels feed my bowels, Making the sun shine on rainy days. The doors open inside my brain’s membranes. Pinging the nodal appetites that fight synchronic […]

Akbar’s Theology #2 – I am that I am…

When you say you respect all religions, you are saying that you believe in more than one God. Or you are saying that God can manifest in different forms, which is almost equivalent. So, to respect other religions we must admit the limitations in our own religion. In other words, we have chosen one side […]

Akbar’s Theology #1

This is part of a larger thesis I am working on, that will eventually, once i clarify the argument turn into a full 21st century argument for the existence of God or Gods, and the need to utilize religious language to interpret experience and find balance. Feel free to critique or engage. Akbar’s Theology #1 […]

Holy War – Part 1

This is the first in a series here at Globatron, where we are going to acknowledge a growing cultural collision occurring right now in our world, in a way that differs from the approved media portrayal. In other words, we are going to take it for granted that a holy war is under way, between […]

Burning Man…

I pulled some fragments from the fire….

Burn Baby Burn

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Burn baby burn. Hate is fed and churned. For the holy war to begin. For the world to finally end. So our souls will return. So he will take us up with him. To live life eternal. To be one with the paternal. Burn baby burn. Bibles, Korans and urns. A flame, a bullet, a […]

Great Stuff

Every once in a while I come across recordings that remind me that there is soooooo much good in the world, and so much reason for hope, in spite of what the news media wants you to believe.  so, here are 3 podcasts i listened to yesterday that filled me with hope and a sense […]

Fear Baby Fear

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Small words, read well. Oil well hell smell, Yell. The house is on fire. The sky is falling. The glaciers are melting. The oceans are rising. Big words hurt my ears. Make me feel stupid. Intellectual arrows shot from cupid. Filling the air. With their wisdom. I fear change. I fear range. Fear baby fear. […]

The Empty Hole

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the closest i have ever come to God is right here. typing words that appear as if I am being guided.

Akbar’s Fake Science #1 – Christian Science

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After seeing a bumper sticker the other day, that read ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’, I realized that when we remove ‘Christ’ from Christmas, that leaves us with Mas…which would normally be equal to Energy divided by the Speed of Light squared…but Mas is missing one S, so this makes obvious the idea that Jesus Christ […]



Freedom from Ignorance

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facts and stats are just that. with them you can do anything. hide behind them and create a new reality. because in life, there is duality. some people look things up. most people make things up. who needs to study when one can lie. the ice is not melting it is a disguise. the […]

Reductio Ad Absurdum

My dear Globatron Citizens, I am very happy to present my latest book Reductio Ad Absurdum – Five Considerations for the 21st Century Philosopher Sage.  It is available for purchase from lulu.com at the link below.  I will be giving a free preview as a series of posts through the next few weeks.  After the […]

I am an Online Quiz

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I am Neo-pagan. An urban shaman. Who collages beliefs. Who cuts and pastes. I am Hindu. An old soul. Here in this fish bowl. Wanting to swim again. I am Buddhist. Seeking Siddhartha. To be enlightened. To be brightened. I am Unitarian. Open to it all. Knowing we will fall. Knowledge is my goal. I am an online quiz. Being […]