Empty Shoes

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Empty Shoes

In the footsteps where
buildings once stood.
The graves of where
the dead mixed in
with concrete and sand.

Only Once

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Only Once

My head is disappearing. Into my fingers. Into this keyboard. Like a pitcher of water being poured into a potted plant Unaware of what I might rant. Only aware of the action. There is only this moment. My children are running around. Screaming. Thumping, with their heavy feet. They are excited to be physical. As […]


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I dislike people asking me how I am. Generally, I am well. Or some version of well, depending on varying definitions. But being unwell has never got me anywhere so I see no point in it. My doctor once complained to me that people complain too much about common ailments when they should just accept […]

M I crooked letter crooked letter I, crooked letter crooked letter I, humpback humpback I

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M I crooked letter crooked letter I, crooked letter crooked letter I, humpback humpback I

That small town 50 miles south of Jackson.  I can see it now.  That one road called the Boulevard that went from downtown out to the interstate.  I can see the kids in their cars with nothing better to do than to drive up and down that two mile loop.  I can see Perkins Hardware. […]


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every once in a while life just works. you finally get a break from being the mail clerk. your dead end becomes a path of opportunity. it happens when you least expect it. expect nothing and you won’t be rejected. never fill yourself with smoke and mirror dreams. put your head down and just work. […]

A New View

A New View

I take a breath and make a wish That this world will continue to exist. That we will learn from our mistakes. That we will give more than we take. As a new year begins again I say goodbye to the year that ends. Which almost broke the world’s back. As unemployment and foreclosures grew. […]

The Practice

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The Practice

To feel one’s feet. The space between one’s meat. To find one’s balance. The symmetry that is substance. To extend one’s back. The spine inside intact. To open one’s lungs. The air inside unsung. To have one’s joints torn apart. The re-alignment gained, a new start. To know one’s body again. The spaces between friends. […]

Scrubbing My Eyes

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you plucked me out of the sea. like an alien you are to me. you inject me full of medicine. scrub me down with brushes. babysit me as if i need be. subjected to your inhumanity. i sit here waiting to be set free. as you count me in your stats as lucky. to […]

Words for the Turning

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That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest. (Henry David Thoreau. March 11, 1856)

Dear Chemotherapy

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The day has come for our paths to part.
I say this with little loss of heart.

I Googled God

I believe in nothing. I believe in everything. Everything is possible today. Nothing will happen you say. Maybe this is it and it all just ends. Maybe it is all connected and continues to begin. Is it up to us to really know Or should we all keep an open mind to show We don’t […]

The Gold Star

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Trying so hard to win the gold star Excelling with words and drawing for far too long without anyone noticing. Without the powers that be realizing. I have pretended daily that I don’t care. That I put my passion out there and that it is fair to distance oneself from one’s desires. That, that it […]

My Near Death Experience

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The shot heard round the world was in my head as I was released instead from this body of restraints as I sped through a long vortex of light while my body still lay in bed. I was being led by entities it would seem. As they beamed knowledge and probed my body inserting machines […]

The Nurse’s Masterpiece

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Stuck, and prodded and poked.  Not a joke.  Pin cushion for meds, for mistakes. For shift changes of wanting to help someone.  Wanting to make the pain go away.  EMT poking me three times on the way to the ER while time is a ticking.  Time is a whipping my ass.  Where’s a vein?  Where’s […]

Held Hostage

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A vice grip, bites down, and rips and tears, and tosses you around. As you yell and scream and cry in waves of pain.  Out of control you try and stay awake, as the voltage rides up your left plain splitting you in half.  An invisible hand holds a cattle prod and zaps your left […]