Shannon Estlund and Ali Isabelle at ISH

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with guest artist Peter Henry. Click here to view an earlier studio visit done in January.  What an amazing transformation this space can have from studio/work space to gallery.


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New life-size, bonded aluminum sculpture by Emil Alzamora titled “Aegis”. Globatron did an interview with Emil several months ago in August of 2008 here: Note from Emil: Aegis is protection, it originates from greek mythology as a shield from harm, often a cloak/shield combined.  I made this piece as a response to the BS […]

Cirque du Soleil’s Carmen Ruest

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Click to play Morrison Pierce interviewed Carmen Ruest (Cirque du Soleil’s Director of Creation of Saltimbanco) while visiting Burdette Ketchum. Saltimbanco is a signature Cirque du Soleil show with a style that borrows from theatre, dance and music and where spectacular costumes, lighting and make-up take pride of place. The cast of 50 high-caliber artists […]

Show and Tell

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Click here to view the cleaned up Globatron Interviews page. It is now a combination of video and Q&A interviews, all in one place. I believe it is some of the best content Globatron has to offer. The Interviews page is on the navigation bar above if you missed it. Thanks to everyone who has shared so far. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this collection grow in the near future.

Two Birds 2009

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Two Birds 2009

Interview with David Lauderdale and Mark Creegan for their installation “Linneage”. Click to play Two Birds 2009 Click above for 84 photos of the installation. Click to play A reenactment of David Lauderdale and Mark Creegan installing the show. Funny thing is within seconds of arriving to do this interview David handed me this list […]

Hanging With The Dude: An Interview with Jeffery Byrd

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Jeffery Byrd received  his BFA from the University of Alabama in 1987 and his MFA from the University of Florida in 1989. In addition to studying performance art with Rachel Rosenthal, Japanese Butoh, and music composition, Byrd is an accomplished photographer who has taught at the University of Northern Iowa Department of Art for twenty […]

Mark and Shannon Estlund Studio Visit

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Video and Photos of a studio visit with Mark and Shannon Estlund with a cameo by Ali Isabelle. Mark and Shannon Estlund interview More about Ali Isabelle here.

Interview with Michael A. Rippens

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5:20pmByron So do you have a web site that we can look at? What’s the url? 5:21pmMichael yeah: 5:21pmByron Okay. have you changed it recently? It seems different. The big landing page. I don’t remember that.

Johnathan McDermott at Bogda Gallery

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Johnathan McDermott at Bogda Gallery

Interview with Kelly Pope

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Kelly Pope on Flickr, here. 5:18pm Byron So Kelly. I’m wondering having recently graduated from Douglas Anderson Schools of the Arts, and then immediately going right back into an art school at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, you might be feeling a little burnout. Has that happened? Maybe not the best intro question […]

Interview with Joy McGinnis from Bogda Gallery

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With the word of Bogda Gallery closing soon,  Joy Mcginnis put aside some time to do a chat interview with Globatron.  Bogda Gallery for the last 22 months has shown mostly local art from Jacksonville and the surrounding area through group shows.  Joy has allowed many artists their first chance to show ever by opening […]

Frontiers at Dawn: An Interview with Mikel Bisbee-Durlam

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“For me lately, I started to feel like my tentacles were extended beyond the point where I could see them, so I needed to retract and refocus.” -MBD

Interview with Michael Scoggins

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Interview questions by Kurt Polkey. As a proud alum of the New American Paintings book I always make sure to sift through the new one when I’m at a Barnes & Noble. A little while back I saw Michael Scoggins work and I liked it right away. I couldn’t get them out of my mind, […]

Fabrication and Existence: Crystal Wagner Interview

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In the spring of 2008, Crystal Wagner earned her Master of Fine Art degree from the University of Tennessee. Currently you can find her large sculptural form “Conversion” at the Knoxville Museum of Art in Knoxville Tennessee as a piece of their permanent collection. She spent the month of July 2008 at the Joshua Tree […]

Interview with Open Space

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With just a quick glance at it it seems you do a lot of different things at the space. Can you describe how the evolution of the space came about? – The space is our latest venture, and it has become the center of all of our projects. Kalene and I have always kept things […]

An Interview with Jill Zevenbergen

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Why make art when you could play video games?

Interview with Robyn Desposito

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4:01pmByron what is your work currently about? what are you showing at Open Ground in Miami? 4:01pmRobyn

Interview with Dianne Bowen

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Facebook Chat interview with Dianne Bowen.  These interviews are kept to ten minutes to see see what can be gleamed out of a really short dialogue.

Interview with Jenny Hager

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Jenny I see you received your MFA from San Jose State University. How did you end up in Jacksonville? D. Lance Vickery and I lived here in Jacksonville in 1999 for about 9 months right after completing my BFA and BA in KY. Lance had just earned his MFA in Sculpture there as well. I […]

Interview with Chris Albert

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Your web site is: I’m new to your work after finding out about your blog which covers contemporary art in the Beacon, NY area it seems. What is your background as an artist? Your work seems varied in subject matter and medium. I majored in art at Colorado State University but left after […]