Sweat Lodge

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collaboration with Polartron and Scared Rabbits. Song title “The Send Out”.

The Trial of Akbar Lightning and Globatron – The Gods Debate.

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Well, having some doubts, which is what I do.  Because I know Byron, as Globatron, will never give up in a tireless pursuit of the truth I have invited him to discuss them with me.  I am upset by all the negativity that are proximate to our actions.  I think I might believe our letter […]

The Trial of Akbar Lightning and Globatron! – The People Debate.

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Here you go people.  Have at us.  This is your chance to argue for our destruction, to make a case against us. We will not directly comment in this thread, that is a promise.  We will only delete personal attacks on one another that seem aggressive and not part of a discussion. Of course, we […]

Globatron’s Newest Member – Welcome Father Mapple Moab

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We at Globatron would like to welcome our newest member Father Mapple Moab Adzu III, pictured here while on vacation in Mexico.  He has joined us to work on some very exciting outreach work for Globatron, taking our discussions of art and purpose and truth to those institutions that represent such things.  He will be […]

Globatron Theme Song – a gift for byron

GlobaTraining 1

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First in a series of Globatron spoken word workout videos.

If you can’t stand the heat get ouf of the heater.

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Below is one of the first Flash projects I ever did called The Heater. This was made when Akbar Lightning and I shared an apartment/studio together in Park Slope Brooklyn back in the day. I know it’s not the prettiest thing ever made (far from it) but I still get a laugh out of it […]

Realizations along the way

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I had the pleasure to present my artwork, life story, and these 20 realizations to Mark Creegan’s Design 1 class on March 10th. I spoke close to an hour and it definitely was the most cathartic experience I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if many in the class got anything out of it, but I […]

Homage to Frank

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From http://www.studio1077.com Random Frank Comments: 1, 2, 3, 4


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I BELIEVE I believe we have been operating in a way that I feel aligns with my higher principles, seeking a conscious understanding of that which is by nature mysterious. An artist is supposed to reach for great heights, thus revealing unknown potentials, and to do so he/she must be open to a wide range […]


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I want to look cancer in the eyes and not care if it laughs or comments.


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A lil remix of Globatron’s Background Noise. Enjoy.

Background Noise

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Alter-ego Globatron does an improv with the background noise of Byron King.

A Call To Artists – Globatron Theme Song

To all you contributors, readers, fans, paparazzi, groupies, drunks, hunks, super-models, and biker chics, anybody who has too much time on their hands given their current state of unemployment:  Globatron needs a theme song. So:  send me MP3 files, sound files, whatever, if its sound and you can email it to me, i can probably […]

Globatron 2008 Wrap Up

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With the year quickly wrapping up, I thought it was only right to do a sort of summary of Globatron’s perspective.  If anything, I believe Globatron has learned this year is that anyone who is actually trying help improve the scene is a part of the solution, and that there is a place for everyone.  […]

Handmade Quilt Donation.

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Let the bidding begin. Thank you so much for the donation from Kathleen Allen.

Not To Be Confused With… Part Deux

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Remember when we were JaxCAL and all we had to contend with for name recognition was the Jacksonville Christian Athletic League? No? Well allow me to refresh your memory. Meet round two. For the record, Globatron Communications Corp, Miami, FL is not to be confused with us. But no worries, it looks like these guys […]

Palin Eats Babies – The story gets richer.

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Now when you Google ‘Palin eats babies‘ by some grace of god, globatron is mentioned in the very first entry.  Akbar Lightning commented on the site and somehow the comment is the first thing that shows up.  Way cool, and remember, this is a true story, Sarah Palin does eat babies! go ahead, google it […]