For the Greyhounds

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For the Greyhounds

cuts in education cuts in healthcare teachers need nothing so let’s be fair. let’s cut more jobs. let’s take away trains. let’s take away planes. let’s cut the arts. let’s cut all that makes us think and be smart. let’s cut anything that helps us use our hearts. let’s cut the cutters who create the […]

True Value

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I am American.
my family once owned and operated a store.
my dad fought in the Korean War.

Obama Facts….

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sorry for all the reposted content lately, but i find these to be interesting topics for conversation…and i found this one awakening…

Floating on Air

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I sleep well at night. Floating on air. All our furniture in storage light. All our love laid bare. An extended family we now live. We did not have on our own. To a new community we now give. Real people instead of voices on the phone. The recession took it all. Our old house […]


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Whom will this transition favor? It may favor those with houses–with mortgages and kids–who are willing to pay whatever they can for a word of security. It may favor the imaginative, who may talk their way into shelter and protection. It may favor the itinerant–the rough and lonely individual–who can adapt to extremes. It may […]

Words for the Turning

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That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest. (Henry David Thoreau. March 11, 1856)

Are you here? . . . Say what?

I heard a professor say, once, scolding a student:  “Context, context, context.” Noam Chomsky, 1998?

De-petroleumization: The art of “Collapse”

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This is my latest conspiracy theory, which predicts a pattern of dis-disinformation conducted by government officials, who, unable to officially and explicitly inform the public of facts concerning the current economic collapse, are resorting to individual acts of rebellion–through dramatic feats, curious phrases, and off-the-script performances–in order to align themselves more truthfully with the masses. […]

A Slightly more Objective Forecast

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Here we go again.  Not to cast a cloud over things. Surely you have seen this already, so forgive the repetition.  This is a reminder that we are living at a precarious moment, and that forecasters of growing economic stress are not all conspiracy theorists and fringe economists. But this post is not intended as […]

Ode to Greedy Greg

My dearest Greg, You, like so many in our time, having seen a speech from Wall Street, the movie, have made a mistake that many 10 year olds of my generation used to make, wanting to dress up like Darth Vader for Halloween…Because you see, Gordon Gekko, representative of human greed as a source of […]

The End is Near

Hold onto your ankles boys and girls…we are getting ready to really see if there is a God, if there is anything like justice in this world…because according to the experts, it’s going to get real deep, real soon, so grab ahold of whatever reserves of courage and faith that you got and get ready […]

The Face of God

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Rupert Murdoch: You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beck, and I won’t have it!! Is that clear?! You think you’ve merely stopped a business deal. That is not the case. The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back! It is ebb […]

Utopian Fantasies

The fact that most are unwilling to face is that the rise of technology has decreased dramatically the necessity of work, and thus the driving force of exploitation.  So, those in charge are finding it more and more difficult to justify the exploitation of the masses, but they are still succeeding in doing so by […]

The Topic – New Painting and Essay by Vallario

The Topic – Acrylic on Canvas – 22″ x 28″ If you would like to know more about this painting read the essay: The Topic : Meditation on the Identification of Legitimacy

Waiting in Line

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Standard News Report

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I am the boring dowdy kitchen man.  I am not the lighthouse keeper being beheaded by a laser beam. Who are you?

The State of Our Union

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A network is built for times like these. A message in a bottle I throw into the sea. I barely know you but we are in this together. As the consequences we face vibrate forever. Boats full of Africans sailed up to the beach. Half dead and half alive they could barely speak. Seeking a […]

Mob Rule

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