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I did not get the context That was intended I did not understand What was transmitted It was cut and pasted You did not think I would take it Any other way than Here is something I should know You did not get the context When I went on that rant You did not hear […]

Coming up for Air

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Coming up for Air

The symptoms begin
It becomes hard to breathe
It becomes hard to be
Fight or flight
There is no turning right

The Ghosts of Slavery

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The Ghosts of Slavery

Struggling to free itself , the stone constrains. From another plane this flesh and bone has come. Native American civilizations destroyed for fertile land. Africans from a village overseas struck from a block of granite.

The Tyranny of the King

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The Tyranny of the King

Tyranny of the King by byron-king We didn’t want the king so we went to war. We didn’t want taxes and now we are poor. Today we watch as a prince and princess are wed. Across the pond, pomp and circumstance is led Down the streets that enslaved us from a distance. Now England is […]

The Atomic Heart

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In all men lives a hidden atomic heart Causing explosions anyone can start. Through hatred and malice we choose to spew To the hearts of millions from the mouths of few. Forgetting that a moral universe rules all. Our commandments have been written in stone. If we don’t wish to follow them we are […]

The Colony

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The Colony

we watched it burn…

True Value

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I am American.
my family once owned and operated a store.
my dad fought in the Korean War.

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

these words will find their place.
a space between the beats
replete with distance and sync

Take Me Tonight

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Take Me Tonight

There is this thing about being a survivor.
Living with something that will put out your fire.
A ticking time bomb continues my strife.
They say go on. Live long. Live strong.

Democracy in Action

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Democracy in Action

angry at being angry.
blame everyone for being blamed.
see jobs being jobs.
see government being government.

see politicians being politicians.
angry like me? then you are me.
know that i am nonsense just like you.
tired of political commercials as usual, usual.

Little Pills

Little pills in my brain, Little pills made of chemicals, Little pills in my brain, Little pills all the same. There’s a green one and a pink one And a blue one and a yellow one, And they’re all made of chemicals And they all look just the same. And the people in the houses […]

The Invention

I am watching everyone make their mark. Using ideas and technology to make their start. Google. YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. What is my worth with no web application to birth? Cook it down, on a slow simmer. Until the idea glimmers. Until there is no sound. Until my mind becomes unbound. I can no longer […]

To renew our lease

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The Sky is falling Literally falling. And what should we do? Rejoice? Is there another choice? Embrace our loved ones while we have the time. Or maybe things will turn on a dime? All the news media reported a crime. To scare people to believe what they want us to. Force us to believe […]


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I Did Try

changing realities thoughts. changing realities bought. knowing the food you input. knowing the garbage you output. no food from a can. no meat eaten. small choices we make. big voices we take. the world is begging. not to be forgotten. what we do right now. the seeds forever found. our children will learn. what […]

The Urgency of Time

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Billions of years. Our molecules acquired. This rock floating through space. Molten lava embraced. A magnetic core has bore. The life we all negate. An urgency of time. We face waiting in line. To tell our story and learn. To find our glory and burn. The ego we maintain. I was on this pebble […]

Death and Taxes

an idea starts out inside your head. planted like a virus for you to wed. you begin to think of your world differently. you begin to believe you are systematically reinventing the world before your eyes. truth be known you are just a spectator in vibe with your puppet masters. who are pulling your […]

Dog Meat

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they… want us to start thinking about colony. how you and i and family will be when it all comes to the end. the government has plans in place they say. loosely knit stories of where we will begin anew among all the rubble. anew among the virus that will double. an exterminator of […]

Floating Deep

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I am a 600 foot deep, 12 mile long, 6 mile wide oil plume of sludge. I eat everything inside of me. Death. Decay. I do it my way. I am pushing towards your coasts as we speak. Thousands of dead birds and fish have come home to roost. They did it my way. […]

Sun Flare

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The conversation is being repeated. End times. Losing dimes. I remember my Brooklyn. Straight out of school, living in sin. Y2K about to make us all look a fool. Last Night, hit me over the head. It told a story about being alive and dead. Not knowing how people will carry on. Some screwed […]