Villin Cycle Works at Fuel

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For more info visit

Banksy’s Pet Shop O’ Horrors

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(from again) “Between now and Halloween, if you’re in Manhattan– 89 7th Ave to be exact– you can catch the latest artwork by legendary British guerilla artist, Banksy. It’s The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill, a trippy animatronic romp through the world of consumerism. He’s got chicken nuggets sipping barbecue sauce, fish sticks […]

Tilt-Shift Photography is Fun

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Bathtub II from Keith Loutit on Vimeo. (from Tilt shift photography is some really cool stuff– where you change the focus and the angle of a normal photograph or film image to make it appear to be built from miniatures. Australian photographer Keith Loutit has created several amazing tilt-shift time lapse videos, which you […]

The Night Ride – Bike Show

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Visit for more info.

Interview with Chris Albert

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Your web site is: I’m new to your work after finding out about your blog which covers contemporary art in the Beacon, NY area it seems. What is your background as an artist? Your work seems varied in subject matter and medium. I majored in art at Colorado State University but left after […]

Photon Show at the Library

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So Kurt Polkey and I were pleasantly surprised by a really smart offering at the Haydon Burns Basement this past Artwalk eve. We saw a grouping of projections (both new-fangled digital and old-skool overhead) and ambient live music/soundscape action. It was the perfect thing to do in that space. Congrats to Clay Doran for putting […]

Secret Code at Screen Arts

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Secret Code Jesse Reno, Gabriel Shaffer and Thinkmule Group Show Opening Friday Oct 3 at Gallery at Screen Arts 6pm-Midnight Gallery Statement: Featuring new works by self taught artists and friends, Gabriel Shaffer, Jesse Reno and ThinkMule (Jeremy Pruitt.) All three artists create work with rich surface qualities and other worldly narratives involving mythological characters […]

The Undead

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A couple of months back I symbolically killed JaxCAL SPACE by renaming it JaxCAL Dead SPACE.  While I was busy helping build and taking care of life in general Martin Moore secretly kept pumping life into JaxCAL SPACE little by little.  Even if he was the only one using it it at times.  Now […]

Partisan the Sea :: Preview

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Preview of Partisan the Sea opening Friday night. It will also be viewable during Artwalk next Wednesday. For more info check out, and Click to play


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So to anyone interested, apparently I am taking the reigns of this blog. I have no plans for it (in keeping with my ever-improvisational, ambiguous artistic self) other than to make an effort to engage with it and with others regularly, creatively, honestly and forthrightly, whatever that means.

Tag Team Interview

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Interview with Kurt Polkey

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Interview with Kurt Polkey by Morrison Pierce.  Kurt is looking to trade artwork. If anyone’s interested email him at  [email protected]

The Others

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the others st augustine fl 2008 the nest this band rocks [youtube:]


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Scared Rabbits in Gainesville

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August Bogda Group Show

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I had the pleasure of meeting sculptor Johnathan McDermott. There’s a brief video interview below. Johnathan seems to have a lot of thought behind his work and the finished products are polished jewels. Morrison Pierce has some new raw work. His work seems to be dipped in a bucket of chaos wrapped in plastic, dripping […]

ISEA2008 Singapore

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ISEA2008 JURIED EXHIBITION Today I tried to schedule a meeting to meet up with Jack Stenner on Monday. Jack is a professor for the University of Florida’s digital media graduate program. I just happened to be in town Monday for a work related project and thought I’d stop by and maybe try and get a […]

Beyond the Wall

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Several months ago I had the pleasure to meet Steve Bradley while touring University of Maryland Baltimore’s visual art graduate program. Steve is the head of the MFA program at UMBC. This week he was in a show that opened called Beyond the Wall at 20 W. North Street, Baltimore, MD. Steve’s project for the […]