Primordial Exhaustion of Hubris

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this here song is comprised of music by Logocentric and vocal sounds added by Akbar Lightning…(click title for music and surrender to it) Primordial Exhaustion of Hubris

Akbar’s Aphorisms #5 – Change

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the radio played Across the Universe by the Beatles as I turned off my windshield wipers. i looked up at the lustful summer storm clouds that had lightened their burden and spread themselves to reveal the caress of sunshine…with the soothing glare on my moist forearms I drove through the intersection mindful of my daughter […]

Paranoia #1

one day i will write a book concerning the different forms of paranoia…as i feel that this aspect of human nature is one of the most fascinating, terrifying and important topics…and that making a more explicit understanding of how it works, how it is broken and what it means would be cleansing in an age […]

Waiting for Geiko

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Ok, this post is in response to a bit of discussion going on over at one of Globatron’s posts about David Icke…and I have a theory, that I will use this video to support. My theory is that David Icke is a lizard..and that he wants to present lizards as people of power because he […]

Deep Thoughts

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“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” Marcus Aurelius

BP CEO….Jigga what!?

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As Terence Mckenna says “We are led by the least among us.”  Here is the CEO of BP showing his utter lack of nuance when addressing the failures of his company.  Such is the price of material isolation from the challenges of human ecology, the lack of a real understanding of the emotional expectations of […]

Quip for Kip

The following is a quick recording I made to respond to a comment posted on a recent discussion we have been having…I will post the comment below, authored by a new commenter by the name of Kip…welcome to the discussion! A short audio response to the comment below… Yes, Akbar, war in itself is a […]

Song of My Brothers, the Latest Non Sequitur

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I Know that we do not die yet the problem remains what we do here and what matters

Akbar Sings Father Goose’s Blackbird

A new song by Akbar Lightning…sung without consent by the author Father Goose…I hope he likes it… Oh glob our welt in spillage past, Our fear of grease to come

Ode to Greedy Greg

My dearest Greg, You, like so many in our time, having seen a speech from Wall Street, the movie, have made a mistake that many 10 year olds of my generation used to make, wanting to dress up like Darth Vader for Halloween…Because you see, Gordon Gekko, representative of human greed as a source of […]

Oil Slick

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this is an image of artist Ron English’s new painting…he is known for his pop-satire works, more can be seen at

The End is Near

Hold onto your ankles boys and girls…we are getting ready to really see if there is a God, if there is anything like justice in this world…because according to the experts, it’s going to get real deep, real soon, so grab ahold of whatever reserves of courage and faith that you got and get ready […]

Who Let the Dogs Out!!!!

Very Rough Terrain…


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I am. I refuse to wither. I am fated. I am irrepressible. I am irresponsible. I am irreverent. I am subject to the object. I am alpha to the omega. I am on the edge of a shadow. I am a record keeper. I am a record breaker. I am fear transcended. I am delusion […]

Red Dead Seduction

Say what you will about the morality of video games, this game, releasing tomorrow is an example of a revolutionary new aspect of cultural arts.  What Casablanca was for the movie industry…it is very possible this will be for the gaming industry. I might be stretching this debate too far…but again, i am interested in […]


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In response to an ongoing discussion concerning violence I have decided to post this painting.  This is not only one of my favorite paintings, it is an ongoing theme of Renaissance art that fascinates me.  This, in my thinking, is one of the best versions of this story, sorry Caravaggio, and this one was painted […]


From the desk of Logocentric, Logocentric, and Father Mapple Moab Adzu III, Esquires. We have followed the Roboboy controversy closely, and as it has heated up [and been stirred and served by Akbar Lightning] we have been somewhat reluctant to weigh in. Here is why. We do not understand the identities of those entities [which […]

Akbar’s Aphorisms #4 – His Story

History is imperfect like humanity. How we relate to that fact, or to history itself is indicative of our relationship with our fellows.

The Core Truth

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tectonic debates, crunching blue blankets of crusted unearthed motivations the core of molten values, the existential magnetic center seeps out new ground surrounds us, territory for unvegetated investigation the great consumption, driven by madmen to suspend the entropic constant the great presumptions left like dying soldiers to cry out into the night sky…Why me? the […]