jimmyjoe awesomeness

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From Youtube Info: My first live show at the Dan Deacon and Adventure LP split party at the Zodiac in Baltimore !! I am using electrodes attached to my face and max/msp/jitter to control sound and video. More soon……….. ELECTRODES ATTACHED TO HIS FACE! More Jimmy Joe Roche

2birds video

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Appologies to VernissageTV for appropriating their editing style.

Serious Play

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Great description of creative process! Thanks Deborah

two boids redux

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twobirdspart2 a collaborative installation by David Lauderdale and Mark Creegan with special guest Charles Charles at FCCJ Kent Campus Gallery Opening: Tuesday February 3 6-8 pm, Kent Gallery E-112a exhibit continues thru Feb 24th

On art -N- laws

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I want to externalize some thoughts that have been developing through reading interviews and having conversations on this here lil’ blog and reflecting on daily activities, teaching, artmaking, world events, and reading. I suspect that there is a strong desire among most, if not all, of us to be involved in all the activities that […]


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Well bless my art-nerdy soul, I have been really enjoying the newly redesigned smARThistory website.  If only this existed when I was in art school! Basically it is a free access, online art history textbook with podcast conversations between historians about everything from the Greek calyx to Richard Serra. The conversations are very casual and […]


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the blog

David Foster Wallace Had Fun

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This piece is excerpted from “Why I Write,” FUN WHERE YOU FIND IT But it’s still a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong. As to the nature of that fun, I keep remembering this strange little story I heard in Sunday school when I was about the size of a fire hydrant. It takes […]


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Repetition & Variation

Globatron Laws #4: prettyladiesandbabiesmyspecialT’s!

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file this…

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in the “wish I had thought of THAT” department.


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Bas Jan Ader

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[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T5PLNrxl6Y] Santa gave me a new DVD of a documentary on artist Bas Jan Ader titled “Here Is Always Somewhere Else”. Very beautiful I must say. It presents the tale the mythic conceptual artist who was lost at sea as he tried to cross the Atlantic ocean in a teeny tiny itty bitty boat. He […]


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This is Modern Art

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In the 90s I was a big fan of Matthew Collings’ books. I was always jealous of Britain cuz they had shows like this. His “This is Civilisation” is great also, maybe better. first part of 5: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoSjRRv6ZrE&feature=PlayList&p=ADD670E550CDE52E&index=0&playnext=1]


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David Byrne interviewing Jeff Koons in 1975 [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4d-Vd6zDu4]

This Land is R. Land Tonight at Screen Arts!

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A Fine Day For Fishin’ ©2008 R.Land ”This Land is R,Land” Art Exhibit opening will take place Friday December 5, 2008 – 6pm – Midnight. Live DJs will be spinning music for the duration. Refreshments to appease the American palate will be served. The show will run thru January 31, 2009. The Gallery at Screen […]