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This series of images of a blast from a suicide bomber in Sri Lanka.

depression design

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adaptation: and speaking of being mean to good people: and the prescience of star trek:


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K I P P E N B E R G E R ! ! !


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Check out this excellent essay in Frieze Magazine by Jan Verwoert. His description of the original ethos of Conceptual art and Fluxus is something with which i can really relate.


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Ingredients: 4 cups – 2 tblspoon- 1 teaspoon – pincha dis/pincha dat- Enjoy

forbiddenalice (a remix)

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A mashup of found datamoshed footage of Alice in Wonderland and  Forbidden Planet. Enjoy.

Why I Got Da Funkiness

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My new project lovingly titled VJ Mark’s Funk-Y-Jams!! (pronounced funk why jams!!) (note: must always be uttered slowly and dramatically as if speaking thru a paper towel tube roller!) where i produce some much needed and highly valuable audio/visual extravanzers. The selection for this afternoon is entitled “Muns” and it was produced using the following […]


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A lil remix of Globatron’s Background Noise. Enjoy.

The Great Art Bust of 2009!

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Here is a recent Holland Cotter article from the NY Times about the end of the art boom and its possible aftermath. His description of previous contemporary boom/bust cycles is very interesting. Here is a taste: Will the art industry continue to cling to art’s traditional analog status, to insist that the material, buyable object […]

Shep Fairey’s Obama debate on Colbert

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The Colbert ReportMon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Obama Poster Debate – David Ross and Ed Colbert Colbert Report Full Episodes Funny Political News Christian Bale Parody Joke of the Day

Possible Artist Call!

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Hey doodaads! The smart and generous Edward Winkleman is contemplating a call for artists to illustrate his blog posts. His is a very popular and informative blog by a NY dealer so it could be a great opportunity if it gets launched. I think he still mulling it over so I will keep yous guyses […]


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Phoenix Rising

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Somber and reticent Joaquin Pheonix on Letterman was like some ice water down my pants. It was like there was no way he was going to play the same old tired game, the same old tired dog and pony show. But why did he even show up? I know that feeling, that bearded feeling of […]


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Rome really is burning….

Chase and Gillyard at SCREEN ARTS!

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Eric Gillyard and Ian Chase at The Gallery at Screen Arts Opening Friday Feb 6th 5pm till 10pm Show runs thru March 31 Gallery located at 228 W. King ST. ST. Augustine FL