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1. The idea of “normal” human attributes is historically contingent. 2. (Historical) ideas are not always accidental.


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I stood up at the sound of a Train moving slowly outside.

Notes from Purgatory

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While the idea of Logocentric waits in purgatory, we at globatron find it appropriate to publish under the same pseudonym more of his older works.  This is not a navel-gazing tribute as much as it is an affirmation that he lived, and an indication that he may now permanently inhabit the circuitry of another dimension–one […]

Logocentric Dies in Fierce Car Crash; Globatron Goes all to Hell

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Logocentric, frequent contributor–and at times, infrequent contributor–to, died today in a fiery car crash outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.  According to fire rescue officials, Mr. centric turned west onto an eastbound one-way traffic lane and collided with a charter bus full of suicide bombers who were en route to Dallas, Texas.  There were no survivors in […]


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“Every choice human being strives instinctively for a citadel and a secrecy where he is saved from the crowd, the many, the great majority—where he may forget ‘men who are the rule,’ being their exception—excepting only the one case in which he is pushed straight to such men by a still stronger instinct, as a […]

From a Letter to A (foreign) Friend

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October 2001, Manhattan I catch myself calling myself a human before “American,” but no one seems to understand, or at least acknowledge, that.  And I wonder if I am human, and I wonder if the other things I call human are human.  The mythology is thick, and it’s hard to distinguish truth from mere tales […]

stewards of the earth

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In line with our latest posts:


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Whom will this transition favor? It may favor those with houses–with mortgages and kids–who are willing to pay whatever they can for a word of security. It may favor the imaginative, who may talk their way into shelter and protection. It may favor the itinerant–the rough and lonely individual–who can adapt to extremes. It may […]

Interjection, Part 2

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Continued from: Globatron Fiction Project #1 PART 2: Temple Square “You were. I wasn’t keeping track of the time.” “What do you need?” “I apologize, Akbar. I really—you know I rarely do hi-res anymore.” “Yes, this is what . . . I know. Don’t sweat it.” They looked at one another, under the temporary haze […]

Words for the Turning

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That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest. (Henry David Thoreau. March 11, 1856)

Are you here? . . . Say what?

I heard a professor say, once, scolding a student:  “Context, context, context.” Noam Chomsky, 1998?

De-petroleumization: The art of “Collapse”

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This is my latest conspiracy theory, which predicts a pattern of dis-disinformation conducted by government officials, who, unable to officially and explicitly inform the public of facts concerning the current economic collapse, are resorting to individual acts of rebellion–through dramatic feats, curious phrases, and off-the-script performances–in order to align themselves more truthfully with the masses. […]

This is News

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This is News

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Click above, then below for today’s news, brought to you by the Gulf Coast Cleanup Workers. this is news 6-14-10

The Deep State (Foreign Policy 101)

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Here is Harry Kreisler with Peter Dale Scott at Berkeley in 2007.  This is, admittedly, a long interview, but it is worth watching.  Skip the intro; it starts to get interesting at 9:45.  And then again at 45:00.

A Slightly more Objective Forecast

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Here we go again.  Not to cast a cloud over things. Surely you have seen this already, so forgive the repetition.  This is a reminder that we are living at a precarious moment, and that forecasters of growing economic stress are not all conspiracy theorists and fringe economists. But this post is not intended as […]

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I am globatron

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Do I know who I am? More than a fan processing plans mimicking bands on other lands Don’t you see my buddy my comrade plain-spoken study more than a fad cosmic plaid I wear under my coats around my finger sacrificial goats

This is News

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