Protected: Globatron’s Tumor

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


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Derivative. Decorative.

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Welcome boys and girls to a new edition of Art Coverage. You say potato I say potato. Potato. Potato. Tomato. Tomato. You say original. I say derivative. Original. Derivative. Original. Derivative. You say Cool. I say Decorative. Cool. Decorative. Cool. Decorative. The artist I am talking about today folks is Mactruque. Either loved or hated […]

Globatron has a Posse

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In response to the recent ski mask discrimination I experienced from Urban Art Welfare here today. [youtube:] For a look at Globatron’s posse click here.

Transformer Girl

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[youtube:] Above is the only Transformer Girl video known to be in existence thanks to Morrison Pierce.

Art Coverage 2

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